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Birth story with Elizabeth
Birth Story, Childbirth, Epidural, Fertility

In this episode Elizabeth shares her beautiful birth story who recently became a parent through IVF after experiencing challenges with conception and recurrent miscarriage. At 36 years old, Elizabeth started trying to conceive, after which her first 3 pregnancies ended in miscarriage. From this point Elizabeth and her partner started looking into fertility clinics, and…

4th baby birth story
Birth Story, Childbirth, Motherhood

Today I am chatting with a lovely FitNest Mama Member, Colleen, who is based in America, and is a mum of 4 lovely children. Colleen shares her beautiful 4th baby birth story in this episode. Colleen hoped for three babies, and then once she had three, she decided she wasn’t yet done. That’s when she…

Positive Natural Birth Story
Birth Story, Childbirth

On the FitNest Mama Podcast, we have a range of different types of birth stories, including positive natural birth stories. And today I am chatting with a lovely FitNest Mama Member, Kiara about discussing her positive natural birth story and has an 8-week-old daughter Ruby. Kiara shares her beautiful birth story in this episode. Kiara…

Birth Story: Emergency Caesarean, Breastfeeding Challenges, Egg Freezing with Liz
Birth Story, Caesarean Section, Childbirth

This c section birth story is with Liz who shares an honest recount of her emergency c-section due to a last-minute breech presentation. Liz shares her journey to becoming pregnant, including how she chose to freeze her eggs. Liz talked us through her c section step by step, which she reports was quite a positive…

Birth Story: Induction, first time mum, midwifery support with Amy
Birth Story, Childbirth, Induction

Every few weeks we have a lovely birth story podcast on this series.  We aim to provide a diverse range of childbirth stories. Today’s birth story discusses an induction and midwifery support, and being a first time mum. Today’s birth story podcast episode is with Amy, a first time mum with a little boy. Amy…

Spilling the Milk: VBA2C Birth Story with Jo
Birth Story, Childbirth, Pregnancy, VBAC

This VBA2C (vaginal birth after 2 caesareans) birth story is with Jo, a mum of three.  In this VBA2C birth stories episode, Jo openly shares the highs and lows as she navigates through the stages of motherhood and her journey and struggle with advocating for a VBA2C birth, all while in lockdown. She found a…

VBAC - Vaginal Birth after Caesarean: Dr Kieren Wilson
Birth Story, Childbirth, VBAC

My guest today is obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr Kieren Wilson. Dr Wilson has private practice rooms based in Sydney, Australia and has worked in several hospitals in both Sydney and overseas. In our conversation today, we’re exploring vaginal births after caesarean section (VBAC). In this episode, we delve into what a vaginal birth after caesarean…

Birth Story: Spilling the Milk with Caitlin
Birth Story, Childbirth

Today, we have a remarkable birth story from one of our amazing mums inside the FitNest Mama membership. Caitlin is the mother of a little boy Hunter, a business owner ‘To Living the Abundant Way’, and has her own podcast ‘Belly and Beyond’. Caitlin shares her incredible birth story. Hunter was born with a birth…

Birth Story, Childbirth

Pain relief is an independent and individual choice for all pregnant women. Every woman will have an idea or plan on what pain relief options they want to use when going into their birth experience. Whether you’re aiming for a completely non-medical pain relief birth or are certain you want an epidural, there is a…

3 Ways To Prepare Your Pelvic Floor For Birth & Beyond: Kath Baquie
Birth Story, Childbirth

This podcast episode is about equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to know the steps towards helping with your pelvic floor preparation for birth. Since having my first baby, I went on to study the pelvic floor at university and through post graduate training as a physiotherapist. I want to make sure that you…

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