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4th baby birth story
Birth Story, Childbirth, Motherhood

Today I am chatting with a lovely FitNest Mama Member, Colleen, who is based in America, and is a mum of 4 lovely children. Colleen shares her beautiful 4th baby birth story in this episode. Colleen chats about the decision to try for a 4th baby, how she found it different, in terms of having…

Positive Natural Birth Story
Birth Story, Childbirth

On the FitNest Mama Podcast, we have a range of different types of birth stories, including positive natural birth stories. And today I am chatting with a lovely FitNest Mama Member, Kiara about discussing her positive natural birth story and has an 8-week-old daughter Ruby. Kiara shares her beautiful birth story in this episode. Kiara…

Hormones, Birth & Recovery
After Birth Recovery, Caesarean Section, Childbirth, Hypnobirthing

Well hello there, welcome to our 100th episode of the FitNest Mama Podcast! I’m really excited by today’s episode, because, for something a bit different, I am going to discuss my 3 biggest takeaways from doing these 100 podcast episodes. So from all the guest speakers we’ve had on board, I am going to share…

Birth Story: Emergency Caesarean, Breastfeeding Challenges, Egg Freezing with Liz
Birth Story, Caesarean Section, Childbirth

This c section birth story is with Liz who shares an honest recount of her emergency c-section due to a last-minute breech presentation. Liz shares her journey to becoming pregnant, including how she chose to freeze her eggs. Liz talked us through her c section step by step, which she reports was quite a positive…

Birth Story: Induction, first time mum, midwifery support with Amy
Birth Story, Childbirth, Induction

Every few weeks we have a lovely birth story podcast on this series.  We aim to provide a diverse range of childbirth stories. Today’s birth story discusses an induction and midwifery support, and being a first time mum. Today’s birth story podcast episode is with Amy, a first time mum with a little boy. Amy…

Spilling the Milk: VBA2C Birth Story with Jo
Birth Story, Childbirth, Pregnancy

This VBA2C (vaginal birth after 2 caesareans) birth story is with Jo, a mum of three.  In this VBA2C birth stories episode, Jo openly shares the highs and lows as she navigates through the stages of motherhood and her journey and struggle with advocating for a VBA2C birth, all while in lockdown. She found a…

Birth Story: Spilling the Milk: Hannah from Baby Brain Podcast
Childbirth, Newborn

Every Birth story is different and unique. In this Spilling the Milk series on the FitNest Mama Podcast, we hear birth stories from different women who have experienced a whole range of births: elective caesarean birth, vaginal birth, pain relief, no-pain relief or emergency caesarean birth. In today’s episode, I chat with the lovely Hannah,…

How do I know if my baby is reaching milestones: Amy McNamara from KidsPT
Childbirth, Newborn

In this podcast episode with Amy McNamara, paediatric physiotherapist from KidsPT, we discuss all things baby and newborn development. A few of the topics we discuss include: What are baby milestones? What are the stages of baby and child development? Does a baby’s flat head correct itself? When should I be concerned about my baby’s…

Tips For Preparing Your Hospital Bag For Childbirth: Sally Branson from The Suite Set
Childbirth, Pregnancy

Packing a hospital bag and getting ready for childbirth may be an exciting, as well as daunting time for parents.  There is so much to consider, and trying to remember everything can sometimes feel like a huge task. In this episode with Sally Branson from The Suite Set, Sally discusses preparing your hospital bag in…

Safe Pregnancy Exercises for all trimesters Kath Baquie from FitNest Mama
Birth Story, Childbirth

Pregnancy and postpartum is an incredibly special time in a woman’s life. Your body is adapting and growing something beautiful and it requires special consideration to support your changing body during this season. We all know the benefits of exercise but even when we know what we ‘should’ do, it can be a real challenge…

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