Support your body during pregnancy. Prepare your body for birth.

Unlock online on-demand pregnancy pilates, yoga and workouts, plus a library of childbirth education curated by Perinatal Physiotherapist & Mum.

You’re expecting. CONGRATULATIONS!

Finding out you’re expecting is an exciting time, but you may also feel nervous. 

And you’re probably wondering how to best prepare yourself and your body for the most pleasant birth experience possible and accelerate your recovery after so you can get back to the activities you love.


The good news is you can take many simple steps to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the best birth and recovery possible.


But Kath, what does a great birth and recovery journey look like exactly?

I’m glad you asked!


Every woman’s birthing experience and recovery is unique, but some of the most common ways my clients experience their “best” birth possible:

  • Being able to move your body while pregnant with safe movements that keep your body strong leading up to when you give birth.
  • Heading into birth with minimal back and pelvic pain OR if you feel pain, you know simple ways to help (or support) your body as it moves through it.
  • Knowing how to prepare for labour with evidence-backed massage and active birth techniques.
  • Feeling calm and at ease going into birth because you’re prepared for what comes next in terms of after-care for you and your baby. You’re equipped and educated on how to heal your pelvic floor and core after birth.

The best way to prepare yourself is with mindful, supportive movement (like pilates and yoga designed for pregnant women) designed by peri-natal experts who have your back.

Kath Baquie FitNest Mama

Hey Mama!

I’m Kath Baquie, a qualified physiotherapist and mum to 3 gorgeous girls.

Even though I had worked with mamas-to-be years before I gave birth, I realised something after I had my first baby.  I really felt like I had it all figured when it came to exercising during pregnancy and postpartum recovery… but I was wrong.  Pregnancy and postpartum are unique stages in our lives.

The truth is, now that you’re having a baby, your body is changing, and that’s not a bad thing! Instead of resisting these changes, why not approach pregnancy and birth with a specific plan that can help you stay feeling your best before, during, and immediately after birth?

This is what the FitNest Mama pregnancy exercise program is all about. Whether this is your first birth or your 2nd or 3rd, we’re here to help you have the best experience possible. 


Keep reading to find out how we can work together, and I look forward to supporting you along your pregnancy journey!

x Kath

Kath instructing a pregnant mum and postnatal mum through a pilates workout

Online Pregnancy Pilates, Yoga + Workout Programs carefully curated by Qualified, Proven Experts.

Stay fit and healthy, support healthy childbirth and prepare for optimal post-pregnancy recovery with Perinatal Physiotherapist Recommended online content from the comfort of your home!

Feel Confident Going Into Childbirth

Say goodbye to being swayed or pressured by random influencers, family members, or doctors on tv. Get the information you need to decide which science-backed strategies are best for you and your baby and align with your values.

Protect Against Pregnancy Injuries

Whether you’re a first-time mum who wants to get it right or a repeat mum who wants to avoid the mistakes you made last time, we have something for you! Our online resources, and workouts help reduce the likelihood of core muscle injury, incontinence after childbirth, pelvic organ prolapse, and other pregnancy injuries.

pregnancy exercise

Stay Active While Pregnant, Safely

No need to worry about what moves are safe for you and your baby.
Our online pregnancy workouts have been created by a professional perinatal physiotherapist and give you peace of mind you’re exercising safely. And they can all be done from the comfort of your home with items you already have, for maximum convenience!

Online Pregnancy Pilates + More

What's Included In Your FitNest Mama Prenatal Membership?

Consider this membership your one-stop-shop for everything you need to feel amazing inside/out during pregnancy, prepare your body for birth, and have the best recovery experience possible.

When you join, you get access to all pre AND post-natal programs.


Get a Sneak Peak of Our Resources

Core & Floor Foundations

Foundations of a successful pregnancy and post-birth recovery start here. ‘Core’ is a term that’s thrown around all the time…but do you really know what it means and how to take care of it? Let’s create the foundations for a successful pregnancy and post-birth recovery. This module will reveal:

  1. The impact pregnancy and postpartum has on your core – it’s not just about your 6 pack!
  2. Why your pelvic floor function is essential to a smooth recovery (and helpful with lifelong happiness!)
  3. How to exercise your deep abdominal muscles, without causing damage
  4. How to reduce the chance of low back pain. Reduce those pregnancy aches!
  5. How to improve abdominal control so you can regain muscle strength and tone sooner after pregnancy and delivery.

Safe & Effective Pre+Postnatal Workouts

Hats off to you, you’re growing a human! Let’s talk about all the changes pregnancy and postpartum brings with it and how to exercise safely. Just some of the things covered in this module include:

  1. Abdominal Muscle Separation (DRAM) and its impact on recovery
  2. How to manage DRAM to help prevent it getting worse.
  3. Why pregnancy and birth affects your pelvic floor function
  4. Effective ways to reduce the chance of leaking and prolapse issues
  5. Simple and powerful exercises, 100% designed for pregnancy and postpartum (no more second-guessing!)

Prepare Body for Birth & Recovery

It’s showtime! Informed by birth, midwifery, hypnobirthing and medical experts, let’s talk about bringing bubs into the world! Inside this module, you’ll discover:

  1. The importance of preparing for birth mentally and physically
  2. Birthing positions for the most comfortable delivery
  3. Perineal massage – what it is, why you might want to learn more, and how to do it.
  4. Why caesarean births call for different recovery methods to vaginal births.
  5. TENS machines for pain relief during labour, and how to use it for best results
  6. Hypnobirthing, Calmbirthing and its benefits (for both vaginal and caesarean births)

Boosting After Birth Recovery (Vaginal & Caesarean Births)

Know that you need to rest, heal and recover but don’t know where to start?  This module is a no-holds-barred conversation about postnatal  recovery and the strange and sometimes painful recovery sensations you may experience.  Part A: Vaginal Recovery Part B: Caesarean Recovery  By the end of this module, you’ll know:

  1. What to look for when caring for your abdominal muscles and core (especially after a C-section)
  2. Why the perineum (vaginal area) and pelvic floor is vital to short-term and long-term recovery
  3. How to get out bed safely after having your baby
  4. Tips for having that first poo after birth
  5. How to ease into rehabilitative exercise postpartum, slowly, gently and safely

Motherhood Wellness and Fitness

You’re making your way through the hazy days of new mama life. Or perhaps you are now months or years after birth.  Whatever your stage of motherhood, it’s time to focus on your body and begin doing more of what you love.  In this module, we’ll cover:

  1. How to build your strength and functional fitness without putting your body at risk with inappropriate exercise routines
  2. Why residual abdominal separation occurs and how to manage it
  3. Learn how to improve your pelvic floor function to minimise the chance of leaking and prolapse
  4. Sex after childbirth
  5. How to safely return to gym, high impact exercise & running, the right way.  This membership includes a Bonus 12 week Return to Running Program
  6. Workouts to target women’s needs beyond birth, into 40s, 50s and beyond.

Think About it…

It is super time consuming (and often more costly) to join a face to face class during pregnancy.  Plus, you might not be confident that the instructor specialises in pregnancy.  And if you have a child already, you’ll need to sort out the childcare too.


The FitNest Mama Prenatal Membership is your one-stop shop for the exercises and resources you want and need to prepare your body for an awesome birth experience, all hand selected for you and available for you to access from the comfort of your home. 


Want to learn about breastfeeding while you’re washing dishes? You can! 


Want to squeeze in a 15 min workout before your baby woke up from a nap? You can!


Join us for a fraction of the cost of the high-end exercise studio without losing the quality of support. Check out your options below!


Invest in a membership package that suits you

Pay a small monthly subscription fee, or save $$$ with a 12 monthly signup.

Join FitNest Mama

Payment options unlock full access to both prenatal AND postnatal workout programs.

  • A convenient app with tailored workouts for each stage of pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Modifications provided perfect for pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Pelvic floor and core restore.
  • Support from Physio Kath
  • Live Q&As
  • Facebook community
  • BONUS: Baby Sleep and Breastfeeding Support (valued at $297)
  • BONUS: Birth Strong Workshop to reduce your risk of perineal tears, episiotomy and pelvic floor trauma (valued at $197).
  • BONUS: 30 Day Pelvic Floor Booster (valued at $97)
  • BONUS: 12 Week Return to Running Program (valued $197)

Best Value

Pay 6 Monthly

$147 /6 mths


Trial FREE for 7 days

Pay Monthly

$47 /month

Unsubscribe at any time
Trial FREE for 7 days

And when you join the membership, you also get access to these exclusive bonuses…

Banner showing the FitNest Mama Preparing for Labour Mini Course


Preparing for Labour Mini Course (valued at $197)

Tune into this easy to digest mini-course where we cover:

  • How to reduce your risk of perineal tears, episiotomy and pelvic floor trauma
  • How to feel better, sooner after giving birth
  • Active birth techniques
  • Recovery essentials
Image describing the FitNest Mama 30 Day Pelvic floor challenge


Pelvic Floor 30 Day Booster (valued at $97)

A 30 day series of pelvic floor exercises conveniently sent to your inbox which includes:

  • Progressive pelvic floor strengthening, quick lifts, endurance holds and relaxation to help you boost your pelvic floor strength and control
  • Daily short pelvic floor videos to your inbox
  • Suitable for pregnancy or postpartum


Diastasis Rectus Abdominis Muscle (DRAM) Restore (valued at $297)

Specialised physio support, resources and workouts for restoring your core, including DRAM / abdominal separation.


Baby Sleep and Breastfeeding Support (valued at $297)

We know that holistic support is key.

Check out our library of resources from our resident baby sleep expert and lactation consultant to help support you through this stage of motherhood.

Image showing the FitNest 12 week return to running program


FitNest 12 Week Return to Running Program (valued at $197)

Know the exact steps and workouts to achieve your running goals in 12 weeks.

  • Tests to check if your body is ready to hit the pavements
  • 2 specific return to running workouts per week for 12 weeks
  • Physio-designed running plan

… All yours when you sign up for the membership!

Bonuses total $1085, however you can join us for just $47 monthly.



Hear What Our Mums Are Saying About Us

Listen to the pregnancy success stories of other mums who we have helped to prepare their bodies for pregnancy, childbirth & recover afterwards with our online exercise programs.

Jessica | 2 Months Postnatal, 2nd Bubba

Such an amazing resource you have created. I went into third trimester, labour and fourth trimester with way more feelings of control and confidence than I had last time

Lisa | New Mum

We had such an amazing birth experience… I also used the positions you taught in the preparing for birth workshop. Thanks so much for all your guidance and support Kath. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to the postpartum workouts soon.

Kath first time mum

Kath S | New Mum

One of the best supports for the lead up to childbirth and postpartum health.

Jodie pregnant with first bubba

Jodie | 6 Months Postnatal, First Bubba

Thanks so much Kath & FitNest, you’ve honestly helped me feel so much more prepared and confident about my first pregnancy and birth! xx


Is FitNest Mama safe during pregnancy or soon after birth?

FitNest Mama is created by a qualified and practicing physiotherapist – not a general personal trainer. Kath has worked with women of all life stages and abilities, and provides different levels and modifications to help you safely look after your body during your phase of motherhood.

What’s more, FitNest Mama provides holistic care – it’s more than workouts and information. It has input from dieticians, midwives, respected hypnobirthing experts, and more.

If you're very early after birth 0-6 weeks, FitNest helps to provide support and advice to help you rest and recover. Then once you've had medical clearance and you feel like your body is ready for it, you can commence our postnatal workouts.

I'm busy! Will I still get value out of the membership?

When you’re growing a human or deep in the newborn bubble, time is in short supply.

That’s why FitNest Mama Memberships are self-paced. Visit the workouts, resources and our community as you need to without worrying about a timed completion schedule.

Online education modules are short and sharp video tutorials (3-4 per module, average length of 10 minutes). You’ll have the detail you need without any of the fluff you don’t.

What happens if I can't attend the live Q&As or events?

You won’t miss a thing! All Q&As and videos are saved for you to watch in the App when it suits you, so don't worry if you can't join us at their scheduled time.

What happens if I have pelvic girdle and/or lower back pain?

FitNest Mama has a selection of pain friendly workouts that have been created for mamas with an achey pelvis or back. In addition, all workouts are created by a perinatal physiotherapist, and modifications are always provided for those in discomfort.

FitNest will perfectly compliment any hands-on/face to face treatment you may require.

Do I need to be fit before I join?

FitNest isn’t about being “fit”, it is about feeling great, and moving in a way that is going to help your body rejuvenate and restore so that you can get the most out of your stage of motherhood. FitNest has been created by a physio and caters for different levels of strength and fitness. FitNest has a large library of on-demand (24/7) workouts, along with modifications for different levels of ability. FitNest Mama’s learnings are self-paced for every stage of your pregnancy and postnatal journey. This means you don’t need to have a certain level of fitness or experience.

If you’re not exercising, now’s the best time to change that!

Because you receive support from a physio for women, you can ask questions in real-time, and you will have help to feel clear and confident about getting maximum results from your membership.

I'm nearly at the end of my pregnancy, is FitNest still useful?

Absolutely! If you’re at any stage of pregnancy or postpartum, the answer is yes!

When you are 36 weeks+ pregnant, there is heaps of information to help you have an empowered and confident childbirth experience and amazing postnatal recovery.

FitNest has been designed to help you with whichever stage of pregnancy, childbirth or after birth recovery you require, right through from pregnancy to years post birth.

What sort of workouts are included?

There are a range of workouts on the App to suit everyone.

Choose from pilates, yoga, express, strength, childbirth prep, nausea friendly, and back/pelvic pain friendly on-demand workouts.

All workouts are easily accessible via the FitNest Mama App and can be streamed to your TV and all devices.

How does FitNest help with my pelvic floor and core?

FitNest offers physio-created pelvic floor and core workouts. Every single workout is appropriate for pregnancy and postpartum, and will focus on this important pelvic floor and core area, and each workout finishes with a set of appropriate pelvic floor exercises.

During pregnancy it is important to complete a range of pelvic floor exercises to help assist with childbirth and recovery, and FitNest will help provide this.

Plus, your membership also includes a 30 day pelvic floor challenge if you want to really boost your strength.