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Horizontal rest after birth
Newborn, Postnatal, Wellbeing

After birth recovery … we all experience it differently, but we all need to help our bodies recover to some extent or other. So, the all important question, how can we support our after birth recovery? Here is a super easy quick tip, that you can easily (and will love to) slot into your day….

How many newborn nappies do I need?
Newborn, Postnatal, Wellbeing

Today I chat with Sheree, Postnatal Care Specialist.  We will be discussing how many newborn nappies do I need? We will be discussing nappies in those first few days, those first few nights after birth, and how your partner can help. Sheree is a nurse, midwife, lactation consultant and childbirth educator and provides an amazing…

Caesarean recovery with a toddler
After Birth Recovery, Breastfeeding, Caesarean Section, Fourth Trimester, Newborn, Postnatal

10 Tips for recovering from a c-section whilst taking care of your toddler  Recovery from a caesarean without a toddler is hard. You’ve had major surgery. Throw in some exhaustion. Perhaps you’re in pain. Then, throw in caring for a toddler to the mix, and it can make things more challenge. Recovery after a caesarean…

After Birth Recovery, Fourth Trimester, Motherhood, Newborn, Postnatal

In this podcast episode we discuss preparing for postpartum recovery and the fourth trimester, with postpartum doula Naomi from Cocoon By Naomi. Usually pregnancy is broken up into three trimesters. But sometimes the first 12-16 weeks after birth are referred to as the fourth trimester. Often while pregnant the focus can be on pregnancy itself…

Postpartum brain fog with doula Julia Jones
Fourth Trimester, Newborn, Postnatal

In this podcast episode I am chatting about baby brain and postpartum brain fog with doula Julia Jones. Baby brain and postpartum brain fog are terms that are thrown around a lot during pregnancy and motherhood. So I was super excited to get in touch with doula Julia Jones to discuss all things baby brain…

Newborn sleep tips with Melbourne Baby Sleep Consultant Jazz
Fourth Trimester, Motherhood, Newborn, Postnatal

In this episode today I am chatting with Melbourne-based Baby sleep consultant Jazz Kostov. Jazz is a sleep consultant, midwife, maternal child health nurse, and mother, and we discussed some amazing tips for pregnant and new mums. Sleep is a BIG topic, so in this episode, we tried to focus on those first few months…

Birth Story: Spilling the Milk: Hannah from Baby Brain Podcast
Childbirth, Newborn

Every Birth story is different and unique. In this Spilling the Milk series on the FitNest Mama Podcast, we hear birth stories from different women who have experienced a whole range of births: elective caesarean birth, vaginal birth, pain relief, no-pain relief or emergency caesarean birth. In today’s episode, I chat with the lovely Hannah,…

How do I know if my baby is reaching milestones: Amy McNamara from KidsPT
Childbirth, Newborn

In this podcast episode with Amy McNamara, paediatric physiotherapist from KidsPT, we discuss all things baby and newborn development. A few of the topics we discuss include: What are baby milestones? What are the stages of baby and child development? Does a baby’s flat head correct itself? When should I be concerned about my baby’s…

Childbirth, Fourth Trimester, Newborn, Pregnancy

Today is a quick episode where I’ll share one strategy many mums have found super super helpful. You never know how your birth will actually go until it’s happened so preparing for birth should include adding lots of tools to your toolkit – to draw on what you need when you need it.  Today’s strategy…

The Magic of Babywearing: Emma Jenkins
Childbirth, Fourth Trimester, Newborn, Pregnancy

Baby wearing is such a powerful tool for mums, letting us reclaim some mobility and freedom while keeping bub close with us. There can be an overwhelming number of products to choose from and an endless stream of information on the topic so I want to break it down to its basics for you. In…

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