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    Perinatal Physiotherapy Consult

    Gain confidence and clarity in this stage of your motherhood journey. 

    With this purchase you will receive one 30 minute online telehealth appointment with Physio Kath.

    – Determine your main concerns and overall health & well-being

    – Receive a personalised management plan to help you achieve your goals (based on expert clinical care and evidence-based practice).

    – Management plan may include: education, lifestyle advice, exercise prescription, online DRAM assessment, pelvic floor health strategies and advice (depending on needs assessment).

    PLUS, you get access to one month FREE to our Pregnancy & Postnatal Workout App, FitNest Mama!

    ** A rebate may be available depending on your level of private health insurance coverage.  A receipt will be provided after the session is completed.


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    Pregnancy & postnatal podcast library

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    compression garments for pregnancy
    After Birth Recovery, Motherhood, Postnatal, Wellbeing

    Pregnancy brings about significant changes to a woman’s body, often resulting in discomfort and various physical challenges. One way to manage these changes and alleviate discomfort is through the use of compression garments. In this podcast episode, where we chat with Sarah Cleaver, who is a physiotherapist and Australasian distributor for Solidea, we explore the various…

    charlotte cushing
    Birth Story, Childbirth, Motherhood

    Charlotte Cushing Charlotte Cushing, a seasoned clinical nurse with a decade of experience, never imagined that motherhood could be so overwhelming. Having been in high-pressure environments, both in her professional life and as a three-time international beauty pageant contestant representing Australia, Charlotte thought she was well-prepared for any challenge. However, the transition to motherhood has…

    pregnancy fitness
    After Birth Recovery, Exercise, Postnatal, Pregnancy, Wellbeing

    Let’s chat pregnancy fitness. Embracing fitness during pregnancy not only supports our body’s health but also prepares us for the demands of childbirth and aids in a smoother postpartum recovery. By investing back into our body, we are setting the stage for a healthier, happier motherhood experience. Looking After Our Body During Pregnancy So many…