Pelvic floor trauma impacts approximately 29.1% of women who have a vaginal birth.

We know that with preventative measures, we can reduce the risk of 3+4th degree perineal tears and episiotomy, and boost post birth recovery.

My purpose is to help women control what they can control and prepare their body for a smooth recovery.

I’ve learnt over the years that so many of us never know what we can do to prepare ourselves adequately for birth.

You may have heard about the importance of the pelvic floor, or the risks of perineal tears and episiotomies.  But perhaps you are not sure how to apply this knowledge to your pregnancy and birth.


Learn how to control what you can control, and understand what you can do to help maximise your birth experience and recovery.

Join our online group call, connect with our perinatal physiotherapist, and become equipped with the knowledge and techniques you need to feel confident and strong. Let’s get started!

Learn the exact steps to help you have an amazing birth and recovery experience


  • Reducing Risk Pelvic Floor Trauma
  • Perineal Preparation + Massage
  • Pelvic Floor Essentials
  • Boost After Birth Recovery
  • Connect with Physio Kath
  • Tailored information

Can't wait until the next workshop?

If you want to have get started immediately in preparing your body and pelvic floor for birth, join our free 7 day trial now. Plus, you will gain access to the full app including pre+postnatal workouts.
Prepare for Labour

Birth Strong | Preparing for Labour Workshop

Tune into this live workshop with Physio Kath. We help you:

  • Understand what we can control with our birth experience
  • Build confidence
  • Increase educational knowledge
  • Get practical tips and tricks to help you with your birth preparation and postnatal recovery

Hear What Our Mums Are Saying

Image of pregnant woman

Emily | Pregnant, first baby

I just wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful online live sessions, I’ve been searching for the right kind of info sessions and yours are the most helpful.

Jodie pregnant with first bubba

Jodie | 6 Months Postnatal, First Bubba

Thanks so much Kath & FitNest, you’ve honestly helped me feel so much more prepared and confident about my first pregnancy and birth! xx


What stage of pregnancy is this workshop good for?

This workshop is perfect for any stage of pregnancy, and especially the last trimester of pregnancy.

I am already doing a childbirth ed class, is this still useful?

This workshop has been created by a physiotherapist, not a midwife. It has information to help you prepare your body and pelvic floor for birth. It is NOT designed to replace a childbirth education class, and previous mums-to-be have said this workshop perfectly compliments other childbirth education classes really well.

How does this workshop differ from the main FitNest Mama membership?

This workshop is specifically focussed on preparing your body and pelvic floor for birth. It doesn't include access to our app, workshops, community and postnatal recovery resources.

If you would also like access to prenatal workouts and more resources, you would benefit from joining the main FitNest Mama Membership, which also includes this workshop.

I'm busy! Will I still get value out of this workshop?

We know how busy life is, especially once you're pregnant.

This workshop is approximately 1 hour. It is highly encouraged you attend the session live if possible, as you can interact with Physio Kath other pregnant mamas, and ask questions.

However, if you miss the live session (held via a pop up Facebook group), you will be emailed a replay which you can watch at a time of convenience.

How can I access the workshop?

Once you sign up, you will be emailed the next steps.

This workshop is a small group online call with Physio Kath. You are able to book a time that is convenient to you, and it is highly encouraged you attend the session live if possible, as you can interact with Physio Kath other pregnant mamas, and ask questions.

What happens if I don't want to do perineal massage? It makes me feel squeamish!

In this workshop, we provide the information about perineal massage (amongst other things), and once you are empowered with the information, then you can choose what fits best for you.

If you don't want to complete perineal massage, that's totally fine! In this workshop we provide a variety of other ways to also help you prepare your perineum area for birth if massage isn't your thing.

Can I also access prenatal workouts in this workshop?

No, this workshop is specifically designed to help you prepare your body and pelvic floor for birth.

If you'd like to access our prenatal workouts, including childbirth preparation workouts, then check out our signature program FitNest Mama Pregnancy Workout Program. This workshop (and others) are all included in this signature program. Plus, you get a 7 day free trial!