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charlotte cushing
Birth Story, Childbirth, Motherhood

Charlotte Cushing Charlotte Cushing, a seasoned clinical nurse with a decade of experience, never imagined that motherhood could be so overwhelming. Having been in high-pressure environments, both in her professional life and as a three-time international beauty pageant contestant representing Australia, Charlotte thought she was well-prepared for any challenge. However, the transition to motherhood has…

birth story
Birth Story, Breastfeeding, Fertility, Postnatal, Postnatal Depression, Wellbeing

In this podcast episode, I chatted with Holly, a first time mum, about her journey with IVF with her husband who underwent a gender transition when he was younger. As a result, her husband’s ability to biologically father a child was not an option. However, the couple’s determination led them to a solution: choosing a…

After Birth Recovery, Birth Story, Caesarean Section

In our latest podcast episode, we hear from Millie, a professional dancer, choreographer, and new mum to her daughter Rory about her elective caesarean birth story. Millie‚Äôs experience of managing her demanding job while preparing for motherhood is something many can relate to. Her story offers a peek into the world of juggling professional dreams…

Birth Story, Childbirth, VBAC

In a recent episode of the Pregnancy, Birth, and Recovery podcast, we had the privilege of speaking with Jo, a remarkable woman who identifies herself as an “everyday mum.” Jo, now a mother of four, has recently embarked on a powerful journey by welcoming her fourth child through a vaginal birth after two caesareans (VBA2C)….

Birth Story, Childbirth, Induction, Pregnancy, Wellbeing

Today, we’re delving into the personal and inspiring birth story of Terrie, a mum living in the scenic countryside of rural North Queensland. Let’s explore the unexpected twists and turns of Terrie’s journey, from planning to have her baby at home to a surprise visit to the hospital. Plans Change We uncover Terrie’s original plan…

After Birth Recovery, Birth Story, Childbirth, Induction, Motherhood

Dive into Carissa’s incredible birth story in this latest podcast episode. Carissa bravely shares her story, tackling fertility struggles, early losses, and seeking professional help. This podcast episode explores her battles with pregnancy sickness, dealing with gestational diabetes, choosing to induce labour, navigating milk over supply, and the unexpected hurdles of postpartum anxiety. Hyperemesis Gravidarum…

Birth Story, Childbirth, Epidural, Motherhood, VBAC

In this podcast episode, Demi the Baby Physio, shares her inspiring birth story as a mum of two, delving into the highlights of her journey, touching upon the challenges of her second pregnancy, the decision to attempt a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean), and the incredible moments during labour and delivery. The Second Pregnancy: Navigating…

Birth Story, Childbirth, Hypnobirthing, Motherhood, Postnatal, Pregnancy

Rachael, a new mum, shares her journey into motherhood on this podcast episode. Rachael, a first-time mum shares her vaginal birth and postpartum recovery experiences. The Path to Parenthood Rachael and her husband embarked on their parenthood journey, which was marked by both hope and heartache. Their quest to conceive took approximately 12 months. Initially,…

birth story emily
Birth Story, Childbirth, Induction, Motherhood, Pelvic Floor

Pregnancy and childbirth are unique experiences that can vary greatly from person to person. In this episode, I have the privilege of welcoming Emily, a member of FitNest Mama, to share her remarkable birth story and her journey towards recovery. Emily’s story is a powerful example of the strength and resilience of mothers during the…

Spilling the milk with Jodie
Birth Story, Childbirth, Epidural, Induction, Newborn, Pregnancy, Twins

In this podcast episode, I had a conversation with Jodie as we delve into her journey through motherhood with twins and a toddler. Her Journey to Becoming Pregnant After Miscarriage Jodie’s story begins with heartbreak, as she experienced a miscarriage. The loss left her with a longing to expand her family and a determination to…

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