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Hormones, Birth & Recovery
After Birth Recovery, Caesarean Section, Childbirth, Hypnobirthing

Well hello there, welcome to our 100th episode of the FitNest Mama Podcast! I’m really excited by today’s episode, because, for something a bit different, I am going to discuss my 3 biggest takeaways from doing these 100 podcast episodes. So from all the guest speakers we’ve had on board, I am going to share…

Birth Story Spilling the Milk: Alex
Birth Story, Childbirth, Fertility, Hypnobirthing, Induction

Today’s episode is another spilling the milk episode where I explore the birth story of a real mum.  In this beautiful birth story I’m joined by Alex, a single mother by choice to 6 month old Sophie. We explore her journey from deciding to become a single mum, becoming pregnant, all the way to six…

Hypnobirthing is not just for hippies: Rosie Purdue

Today in this hypnobirthing podcast episode I am excited to be joined with the incredible Rosie Purdue, a fellow pelvic floor physio and a hypnobirthing consultant. Hypnobirthing can be for all births, and we dive into what hypnobirthing is, why it’s called hypnobirthing,  and what the benefits of hypnobirthing are. She also shares her top…

Hypnobirthing for a Caesarean Birth: Vanessa Bernard
Caesarean Section, Childbirth, Hypnobirthing

We all know that sometimes childbirth doesn’t go according to plan. Whether or not you have a c-section, planned or emergency, it is really empowering for all pregnant women to understand techniques to create a positive experience in any situation you might find yourself it. Hypnobirthing for a c section birth is one way to…

Spilling the Milk: Brie
Breastfeeding, Childbirth, Epidural, Episiotomy, Hypnobirthing

I’m excited to introduce you to a special guest today.  It’s my first chat on this podcast with an every day mama with the intention of discussing the realities of pregnancy, birth and becoming a new mama. Brie is not only a new mama but also one of the founding members of FitNest Mama and…

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