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Birth Story: Induction, first time mum, midwifery support with Amy
Birth Story, Childbirth, Induction

Every few weeks we have a lovely birth story podcast on this series.  We aim to provide a diverse range of childbirth stories. Today’s birth story discusses an induction and midwifery support, and being a first time mum. Today’s birth story podcast episode is with Amy, a first time mum with a little boy. Amy…

Dr Kara Thompson
Childbirth, Induction

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with obstetrician and gynaecologist about Induction of Childbirth with Dr Kara Thompson. Kara absolutely loves coming to work and being a part of women’s pregnancy journeys. She works in the public hospital system in Melbourne and Geelong specialising in high-risk pregnancies. Dr Kara Thompson is a co-host with Dr. Alex…

Birth Story Spilling the Milk: Alex
Birth Story, Childbirth, Fertility, Hypnobirthing, Induction

Today’s episode is another spilling the milk episode where I explore the birth story of a real mum.  In this beautiful birth story I’m joined by Alex, a single mother by choice to 6 month old Sophie. We explore her journey from deciding to become a single mum, becoming pregnant, all the way to six…

Birth Story Spilling the Milk: Danielle
Birth Story, Childbirth, Forceps, Induction

Here we are Spilling the Milk with Danielle’s Birth Story. It has been a while since our last ‘Spilling the Milk’ birth story episode on the FitNest Mama Podcast, which is why I was so excited to finally sit down again with one of the lovely FitNest Mama members Danielle to have a raw and…

Induction & childbirth: 10 top tips: Beth Ryan from Birth with Beth
Childbirth, Induction, Pregnancy

Birth with Beth Ryan discusses 10 natural ways to help induce labour naturally. For pregnant women, the idea of induction and childbirth is one that might sound a little daunting and scary.  My guest today is here to shed some light on induction and how it can still be a natural and beautiful experience, with…

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