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Birth Story, Childbirth, Induction, Pregnancy, Wellbeing

Today, we’re delving into the personal and inspiring birth story of Terrie, a mum living in the scenic countryside of rural North Queensland. Let’s explore the unexpected twists and turns of Terrie’s journey, from planning to have her baby at home to a surprise visit to the hospital. Plans Change We uncover Terrie’s original plan…

After Birth Recovery, Birth Story, Childbirth, Induction, Motherhood

Dive into Carissa’s incredible birth story in this latest podcast episode. Carissa bravely shares her story, tackling fertility struggles, early losses, and seeking professional help. This podcast episode explores her battles with pregnancy sickness, dealing with gestational diabetes, choosing to induce labour, navigating milk over supply, and the unexpected hurdles of postpartum anxiety. Hyperemesis Gravidarum…

birth story emily
Birth Story, Childbirth, Induction, Motherhood, Pelvic Floor

Pregnancy and childbirth are unique experiences that can vary greatly from person to person. In this episode, I have the privilege of welcoming Emily, a member of FitNest Mama, to share her remarkable birth story and her journey towards recovery. Emily’s story is a powerful example of the strength and resilience of mothers during the…

Spilling the milk with Jodie
Birth Story, Childbirth, Epidural, Induction, Newborn, Pregnancy, Twins

In this podcast episode, I had a conversation with Jodie as we delve into her journey through motherhood with twins and a toddler. Her Journey to Becoming Pregnant After Miscarriage Jodie’s story begins with heartbreak, as she experienced a miscarriage. The loss left her with a longing to expand her family and a determination to…

Birth story with Jenna
Birth Story, Caesarean Section, Childbirth, Induction, Motherhood, Postnatal

In this podcast episode, I talk with Jenna as we explore her incredible journey to motherhood. Jenna’s path to motherhood began unexpectedly during her first trimester while she was busy completing her psychology studies. She managed to complete her studies in the midst of fatigue and the first trimester. Getting Ready for Postpartum: “The First…

How to bring labour naturally
Childbirth, Induction, Pregnancy

As the due date draws near, expectant mothers often find themselves thinking about a few topics: how to bring on labour naturally and creating the right birthing environment for them. In this podcast featuring the experienced midwife Beth Ryan, a treasure trove of insights and guidance was shared, delving into these two very topics. From…

induction birth story
Birth Story, Childbirth, Induction

In this podcast episode I chat with Vanessa from Illoura Birth – a doula, childbirth and newborn educator, paediatric nurse, and a mother of three boys. The spotlight is on her induction of labour, as Vanessa shares her remarkable experiences of three positive induction births. Her journey offers insightful tips on preparing for a positive induction…

Birth Story: Induction, first time mum, midwifery support with Amy
Birth Story, Childbirth, Induction

Every few weeks we have a lovely birth story podcast on this series.  We aim to provide a diverse range of childbirth stories. Today’s birth story discusses an induction and midwifery support, and being a first time mum. Today’s birth story podcast episode is with Amy, a first time mum with a little boy. Amy…

Dr Kara Thompson
Childbirth, Induction

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with obstetrician and gynaecologist about Induction of Childbirth with Dr Kara Thompson. Kara absolutely loves coming to work and being a part of women’s pregnancy journeys. She works in the public hospital system in Melbourne and Geelong specialising in high-risk pregnancies. Dr Kara Thompson is a co-host with Dr. Alex…

Birth Story Spilling the Milk: Alex
Birth Story, Childbirth, Fertility, Hypnobirthing, Induction

Today’s episode is another spilling the milk episode where I explore the birth story of a real mum.  In this beautiful birth story I’m joined by Alex, a single mother by choice to 6 month old Sophie. We explore her journey from deciding to become a single mum, becoming pregnant, all the way to six…

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