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1st time mum, vaginal birth, morphine, strep B birth story, postpartum recovery [Spilling the milk with Rachael]

Rachael, a new mum, shares her journey into motherhood on this podcast episode. Rachael, a first-time mum shares her vaginal birth and postpartum recovery experiences.

The Path to Parenthood

Rachael and her husband embarked on their parenthood journey, which was marked by both hope and heartache. Their quest to conceive took approximately 12 months. Initially, they relied on their intuition, but as time went on, they started using ovulation kits and closely tracking Rachael’s menstrual cycle. Sadly, they experienced an early-term miscarriage, a challenging setback that tested their emotional strength.

However, their perseverance paid off, and about four months later, Rachael became pregnant again. This time, the journey was filled with excitement, mixed with a touch of cautious optimism.

A Smooth Pregnancy

Throughout her pregnancy, Rachael enjoyed relatively good health. Her iron levels were excellent, and she experienced only minor symptoms like fatigue, nausea, and some pelvic girdle and lower back pain. Rachael’s positive experience during pregnancy set the stage for her birth journey.

Preparing for Birth

Rachael was determined to make informed choices and have a say in her birthing experience. She prepared herself by watching YouTube videos and discussing her birth preferences with her healthcare team. One standout preference was her hope to avoid an epidural if at all possible.

The Waters Break

At 39 weeks and six days into her pregnancy, Rachael’s waters broke. It happened at her parents’ house, an unexpected but exciting beginning to her labor. In hospital, she was encouraged to take morphine and a sleeping tablet, but little did she know that her labor would progress rapidly.

Rachael’s birthing story takes a unique twist here. She reached nine centimetres dilation within a remarkably short time, proving that every labour experience is a journey of its own. During labour, she used nitrous oxide to help ease the process.

The Hazy Pushing Phase

The pushing phase of labour is a bit hazy for Rachael due to the morphine and sleeping tablet she had taken earlier. She recalls being in and out of consciousness while pushing and experiencing what she humorously calls “micro-naps.” Despite the haziness, Rachael eventually delivered her baby girl. The unforgettable moment when her baby was placed on her chest and when her husband cut the cord will forever be etched in her memory.

The Placenta’s Grand Exit

The birthing journey doesn’t end with the baby’s arrival. Rachael describes the sensation of delivering the placenta as resembling a giant jellyfish flopping out of her. The unique imagery adds a touch of humour to her unforgettable birth story.

Postpartum Recovery

Post-birth, Rachael’s journey continued into the realm of postpartum recovery. She reflects on feeling physically weaker than before, a common experience for new mums. Her core strength was particularly affected. To aid her recovery, she turned to compression garments and padsicles, which provided much-needed relief.

Emotionally, Rachael was surrounded by her supportive family during the initial six weeks of her postpartum journey. They helped with household duties, allowing Rachael and her husband to focus on their baby girl and Rachael’s physical recovery.

Rachael’s postpartum experience beautifully encapsulates the transition from pregnancy to motherhood, a period of growth, healing, and adjustment.

Rachael’s birth story shows to the unpredictability and resilience of the birthing journey. Her unwavering determination to make informed choices and her unique experiences highlight the diverse paths of motherhood. As Rachael navigates her postpartum recovery, her story serves as an inspiration to all new mums, reminding us that every birth is a remarkable journey, filled with memories to cherish and share.

** This podcast has general information only. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health or medical condition. 

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