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Birth Story Spilling The Milk: Karina
Birth Story, Childbirth, VBAC

We have another birth story today from one of our gorgeous mums inside the FitNest Mama membership. Today I’m speaking with Karina about her journey throughout pregnancy and the birth of her little girl. In this episode, Karina shares her journey toward becoming pregnant, how she looked after herself during what felt like a rocky…

Sex after birth: Sexologist Naomi
Birth Story, Childbirth

Today I am chatting with Sexologist Naomi Hutchings all about sex while trying to conceive, sex during pregnancy and sex after birth. There’s a lot of changes in this time of our lives but sex rarely gets the spotlight that others do so I wanted to dive into it today. We’re going to learn how…

FitNest Mama The Year In Review: Kath Baquie from FitNest Mama
Birth Story, Childbirth

If you’re pregnant or have had a baby and haven’t been able to find the time or motivation to exercise, or if you’ve been meaning to do more exercise coming into 2022 but are finding it hard to prioritise then this is the episode for you. I wanted to share this end of year wrap…

Breastfeeding When Babies are Distracted and Fussy at the Breast: Susie Prout from Breastfeeding Success Membership
Birth Story, Childbirth

It can be very frustrating, painful and worrying when your baby is breastfeeding and regularly fussy at the breast and refusing to feed. Perhaps they’re constantly pulling off, have difficulty swallowing, are refusing the breast, constantly distracted or fussy at the breast. In this podcast episode with Breastfeeding lactation consultant Susie Prout, Susie shares with…

Positive Birth Stories Spilling the Milk: Courtney
Birth Story, Childbirth

This positive birth story episode with Courtney is part of the Spilling the Milk series where women are sharing their positive birth stories to help enlighten and impart their own experiences and knowledge to other women.  In this positive birth story, Courtney discusses becoming a first-time mum, how she prepared for childbirth, how a doula…

Birth Story Spilling the Milk: Brianne
Birth Story, Childbirth

I’m delighted to introduce you to my guest today on this Birth Story ‘Spilling the Milk’ series. Brianne, one of our lovely FitNest Mama members shares her amazing birth story and her journey into motherhood so far. Brianne is a first time mum to a gorgeous baby girl and in this Birth Story episode, she…

Confidence in Motherhood: Kath Baquie from FitNest Mama
After Birth Recovery, Birth Story, Childbirth

Today is another solo episode of FitNest Mama and I want to discuss confidence in motherhood. Specifically from a physical perspective – how our physical recovery after birth can really shape our motherhood experience. Our physical health directly impacts our mental health in countless ways so it’s important new mums, and mums to be, understand…

Abdominal Recovery After Birth: Kath Baquie from FitNest Mama
After Birth Recovery, Birth Story

Abdominal muscle separation is something most of us will have to handle. Despite being such a common problem, with the potential to cause such a world of pain, many mums aren’t equipped to minimize and manage recovery.  In this solo episode, I am diving into abdominal recovery after birth. I go through abdominal muscle separation…

Birth Story Spilling the Milk: Gemma
After Birth Recovery, Birth Story

I have the pleasure of chatting to Gemma today about her birth story as part of the Spilling the Milk series. She is a FitNest Mama member and a mum of three adorable young kids under 5. She shares her birth story about first becoming pregnant at the age of 26, her labour journeys, the…

How do I stop waddling during pregnancy: Kath Baquie from FitNest Mama
After Birth Recovery, Birth Story

In today’s solo episode, I am chatting about waddling during pregnancy. This topic is something I get asked frequently about inside Fitnest Mama and from my one on one clients. First up – there is nothing wrong with waddling. Waddling is our body’s way of compensating for your beautiful growing baby. There are all different…

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