Podcast Episode #171

42 hour labour, emergency caesarean birth, 4th trimester planning [Spilling the Milk with Jenna Cawthray]

Birth story with Jenna

In this podcast episode, I talk with Jenna as we explore her incredible journey to motherhood. Jenna’s path to motherhood began unexpectedly during her first trimester while she was busy completing her psychology studies. She managed to complete her studies in the midst of fatigue and the first trimester.

Getting Ready for Postpartum: “The First 40 Days”

One aspect Jenna highlights is the importance of preparing for the period after giving birth. She found inspiration and guidance in the book “The First 40 Days,” which offered valuable insights into getting ready for the crucial initial weeks after childbirth. This preparation became a cornerstone of Jenna’s post-birth experience, helping her navigate this phase with confidence.

The Strength of Support: Friends, Family, and Rest

Jenna emphasises the incredible importance of having a support network during the post-birth period. Friends and family played a significant role in providing emotional support and practical help, ensuring Jenna could fully focus on her recovery and bonding with her new baby. Giving priority to sleep emerged as a critical part of Jenna’s post-birth journey, allowing her to rest and adapt to her new role as a mother.

Expecting Labour: A Rollercoaster of Feelings

As Jenna’s pregnancy progressed, she faced the emotional and mental challenges of anticipating labour. Her planned induction was approaching, creating a whirlwind of emotions and uncertainty. This emotional journey became even more intense when labour unexpectedly began at 2 am, just before her planned induction, adding an unexpected twist to her childbirth story.

A Birth Story Unfolds

At 9 am, her waters broke, indicating the start of her labour journey. Initially, Jenna planned to labour at home and have her baby at the birth centre, but as the contractions intensified, she decided to head to the birth centre early. Four hours later, she was only five centimetres dilated and in intense pain, prompting the need for pain relief and synthetic oxytocin to speed up labour. After 42 hours of labour, Jenna had a caesarean section, a culmination of unexpected twists and turns.

Post-birth Recovery: A Journey to Healing

Jenna’s journey to recovery after childbirth was marked by patience and self-care. She focused on nourishing herself with healthy foods, engaged in gentle exercises to rebuild her strength, and sought guidance from healthcare professionals, including physiotherapists. Jenna emphasises the importance of prioritising recovery after childbirth, acknowledging that every mother’s journey is unique and may require adjustments to birth plans and expectations.

Jenna’s childbirth story shows the strength of mothers and the unpredictable nature of childbirth. Her journey reminds us of the significance of preparation, support, and self-care during the period after giving birth. Although the birth of Jenna’s son didn’t go according to plan, her story is an inspiring tale of embracing the unexpected and finding strength in the face of challenges, ultimately leading to the profound love she holds for her beautiful son, Robbie.

** This podcast has general information only. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health or medical condition. 

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