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Pregnancy fitness journey
After Birth Recovery, Exercise, Pelvic Girdle Pain, Postnatal, Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a transformative journey, both physically and emotionally, and maintaining a consistent exercise routine can significantly impact your well-being. In this podcast episode, I talked about the numerous benefits of incorporating exercise into your pregnancy fitness journey. Benefits of Exercise: How Exercise Can Help During Pregnancy and Postpartum Embracing Holistic Well-being Exercise is not…

Childbirth, Pregnancy, Wellbeing

As expectant parents embark on the incredible journey of pregnancy, one perhaps worthwhile aspect of preparation is crafting a birth plan. In this podcast episode I talk with Dr. Hugh Porter, a specialist in both low and high-risk pregnancies, and various example birth plans options were explored, highlighting the importance of birth plans and the…

Birth Story, Childbirth, Hypnobirthing, Motherhood, Postnatal, Pregnancy

Rachael, a new mum, shares her journey into motherhood on this podcast episode. Rachael, a first-time mum shares her vaginal birth and postpartum recovery experiences. The Path to Parenthood Rachael and her husband embarked on their parenthood journey, which was marked by both hope and heartache. Their quest to conceive took approximately 12 months. Initially,…

Spilling the milk with Jodie
Birth Story, Childbirth, Epidural, Induction, Newborn, Pregnancy, Twins

In this podcast episode, I had a conversation with Jodie as we delve into her journey through motherhood with twins and a toddler. Her Journey to Becoming Pregnant After Miscarriage Jodie’s story begins with heartbreak, as she experienced a miscarriage. The loss left her with a longing to expand her family and a determination to…

Exercise of pregnancy
Exercise, Motherhood, Pregnancy, Running, Wellbeing, Workouts

During pregnancy, our body undergoes incredible changes to support the growth of a new life. With these changes come numerous questions and concerns, especially when it comes to exercise during pregnancy. In this podcast episode I talk with Dr. Tom Cade, an obstetrician and gynaecologist, as we explore the benefits of exercising during pregnancy and…

Motherhood, Pregnancy, Wellbeing

Pregnancy can be a beautiful journey, but it may also come with its unique set of challenges, particularly in the realm of style. As your body undergoes changes to accommodate your growing baby, it’s natural to want to feel comfortable and confident in your clothing. The good news is that you can maintain your personal…

Pregnancy, Wellbeing

Pregnancy can be a beautiful journey, but it often comes with its fair share of challenges. Whilst it is commonly known that low back pain and pelvic girdle pain are issues with pregnancy, upper mid back pain is also common and an issue I’ve helped many pregnant women with. Upper back pain is mostly common…

Is hypnobirthing worth it
Childbirth, Hypnobirthing, Mindfulness, Newborn, Pregnancy

In recent years, hypnobirthing has gained popularity as an approach to childbirth that emphasises relaxation, self-hypnosis, and natural birthing techniques. But is hypnobirthing worth it? In this podcast, I talked with midwife Hannah Willsmore as we’ll delve into the world of hypnobirthing, explore its benefits, discuss any potential drawbacks, and determine whether it actually works….

How to bring labour naturally
Childbirth, Induction, Pregnancy

As the due date draws near, expectant mothers often find themselves thinking about a few topics: how to bring on labour naturally and creating the right birthing environment for them. In this podcast featuring the experienced midwife Beth Ryan, a treasure trove of insights and guidance was shared, delving into these two very topics. From…

exercise gestational diabetes
Exercise, Gestational Diabetes, Pelvic Health, Pregnancy

In this podcast episode with Helena McDonald, we delved into the important topic of exercise and movement during pregnancy, particularly for those dealing with gestational diabetes. We discuss some insights and valuable advice on how pregnant women with gestational diabetes can prioritise their well-being through safe and effective exercise. Exploring the Benefits of Exercise During…

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