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Exercise of pregnancy

Exercise of pregnancy

During pregnancy, our body undergoes incredible changes to support the growth of a new life. With these changes come numerous questions and concerns, especially when it comes to exercise during pregnancy.

In this podcast episode I talk with Dr. Tom Cade, an obstetrician and gynaecologist, as we explore the benefits of exercising during pregnancy and address common questions related to this topic.

Is Exercise Safe During Pregnancy?

One of the primary questions that expectant mothers have is whether exercise is safe during pregnancy. According to Dr. Tom Cade, the answer is generally yes. Exercise can be a safe and beneficial way to maintain physical and mental well-being during pregnancy. However always be sure to check with your healthcare provider prior to commencing an exercise routine during pregnancy.

Benefits of exercising during pregnancy

Improved Mental Well-being

Exercise can be a mood booster, helping to reduce stress and anxiety during pregnancy. The release of endorphins can enhance your overall sense of well-being.

Weight Management

Engaging in regular, moderate exercise can help you manage of weight during pregnancy and promote a healthier pregnancy, reducing your risk of developing gestational diabetes and various medical complications for you and bubs.

Reduced Postpartum Pelvic Floor Issues

Exercising during pregnancy may help in reducing the risk of postpartum pelvic floor issues, such as incontinence and prolapse. It can also contribute to a faster recovery post-birth and improved general well-being.

Does Exercise Cause Spotting in Early Pregnancy?

One common concern during early pregnancy is spotting. The good news is that exercise, generally, is not a direct cause of spotting. Dr. Tom Cade recommends that women listen to their bodies. If you experience spotting or other unusual symptoms, it’s essential to contact your healthcare provider to rule out any underlying issues. In most cases, spotting is not related to exercise but may be associated with other factors.

Can I Run During Pregnancy?

Running is a popular form of exercise, and many expectant mothers wonder if it’s safe to continue running during pregnancy. Dr. Tom Cade and Physio Kath provide valuable insights. While running can generally be safe, individual factors must be considered. If you are an experienced runner and your pregnancy is low-risk, continuing to run with some adjustments may be acceptable. However, it’s crucial to listen to your body, stay hydrated, and avoid overheating. Some women may prefer to switch to brisk walking or other low-impact exercises.

Weight Training Safely During Pregnancy

Weight training can be an excellent way to maintain strength and fitness during pregnancy. Dr. Tom Cade suggests that engaging in load-bearing exercises is generally safe. However, it’s essential to avoid excessive strain and heavy lifting. Seeking guidance from a knowledgeable personal trainer or physiotherapist with experience in pregnancy-related exercise is a smart choice to ensure safe and effective workouts.

What Happens at That 6-Week Postnatal Check Prior to Return to Exercise?

After giving birth, there is a crucial phase of recovery recommended before resuming regular exercise. This period usually involves a 6-week postnatal check with your healthcare provider. Dr. Tom Cade highlights that the focus of this check varies depending on your birthing experience, with more attention given to surgical wound checks after a caesarean section or pelvic floor and perineal checks after a vaginal birth. During this visit, it’s also a good idea to address any concerns, including those related to exercise.

Exercise can be safe and highly beneficial during pregnancy, but it should be approached thoughtfully. Every pregnancy is unique, and individual factors should guide your exercise choices. It’s essential to listen to your body, seek professional advice when needed, and stay committed to finding enjoyable forms of exercise to support your health and well-being during this incredible journey.

Remember that taking care of your body during pregnancy sets the stage for long-term well-being, making it a worthwhile investment in your future health.

** This podcast has general information only. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health or medical condition.

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