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Will I have difficulty birthing with overactive pelvic floor muscles? [Listener question]

Preparing for childbirth involves much more than just waiting for your new arrival; it’s helpful to get the body ready for the delivery and the recovery phase that follows. One area that can goes unnoticed is the management of overactive pelvic floor muscles. In our recent podcast episode, we addressed a listener’s question related to this topic, whilst discussing our upcoming “Birth Strong” workshop.

As a physiotherapist specialising in women’s health and a mother of three, my goal is to empower expectant mothers with the necessary knowledge and skills for a healthy childbirth process and recovery, especially concerning overactive pelvic floor muscles and childbirth.

The Impact of High-Tone Pelvic Floor Muscles on Childbirth

Understanding the implications of high-tone pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy and childbirth is hellpful for expectant mothers. Here are the points we covered in this episode:

  • Assessment: A professional pelvic floor assessment by a physiotherapist is crucial, particularly for active pregnant women, to understand the condition of their pelvic floor muscles.
  • Symptom Awareness: Awareness of symptoms associated with high-tone pelvic floor muscles is vital. These can include difficulties with bowel movements, painful intercourse, and a general sensation of tightness, all of which could potentially impact childbirth.
  • Consideration of Factors: The discussion highlighted important factors for pregnant runners to consider, including:
    • The necessity for pelvic floor muscle flexibility and relaxation.
    • The potential advantages of perineal massage from 36 weeks onwards.
    • The influence of age, family history, and other health conditions on childbirth outcomes.
  • Birth Options Dialogue: The importance of discussing birth options with healthcare providers is emphasised, given the potential for increased pelvic floor trauma in certain birth scenarios.
  • Recovery and Support: Reassurance that ample support and resources are available for postnatal recovery, encouraging engagement with programs like FitNest Mama for guidance and assistance.

Embracing Support for a Confident Motherhood Journey

Addressing pelvic floor muscles and their influence on childbirth is helpful for supporting expectant mothers to be prepared for the coming changes. By understanding these challenges and making use of available resources, pregnant women can approach childbirth with assurance, laying down a healthy foundation for recovery and the wonderful early stages of motherhood.

We invite you to join our upcoming FREE “Birth Strong” workshop, designed specifically to address these concerns and empower you with the knowledge and strategies for a positive birthing experience. This workshop is an excellent opportunity to learn, connect, and prepare for the incredible journey of bringing a new life into the world. Join us and take the first step towards a confident and informed motherhood.

** This podcast has general information only. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health or medical condition.

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