Podcast Episode #155

Spilling the Milk with Mel

Spilling the Milk with Mel

Join me as I spill the milk with Mel, mum of a 10 month old baby girl.

Mel experienced morning sickness, weight gain, pelvic girdle pain and was 10 days passed my due date when she gave birth.

She had a vaginal delivery after being induced and her pain relief included morphine and gas and even though she had hired a TENS machine, she didn’t use it once.

Even though she had wanted to labour at home as much as possible and have a water birth she reports she had a wonderful team of midwives who were supportive and competent.

I trust you will love listening to Mel’s story.

In this heartwarming episode of “Spilling the Milk,” we sit down with Mel, a loving mother to a 10-month-old baby girl, as she shares her remarkable pregnancy, birth, and recovery experience. From the joys of finding out she was expecting to navigating the challenges of childbirth, Mel’s story is an inspiring tale of strength and resilience.

Quick Conception and Morning Sickness

Mel’s journey to motherhood began with a beautiful surprise—she got pregnant within just four months of trying. However, her blissful excitement was soon met with morning sickness that lasted for a grueling 14 weeks. Coping with the discomfort, Mel relied on medication to get through the tough times.

Preparation for Birth and Seeking Information

Throughout her pregnancy, Mel made it a priority to educate herself about childbirth. She attended webinars and listened to podcasts like “The Kick” with Bridget and Pat Maloney and “FitNest Mama,” seeking valuable insights and advice from experienced parents.

Challenges in the Third Trimester

In the second trimester, Mel felt great but decided to stop exercising due to her ongoing morning sickness and a change in her daily routine. However, as she entered the third trimester, she encountered pelvic girdle pain, making movement increasingly difficult.

The Waiting Game: 10 Days Overdue

With her due date looming, Mel found herself anxiously waiting. She was 10 days overdue and struggled with lack of sleep, pregnancy rhinitis, and the challenges of the waiting game.

Induction and Pain Management During Labor

At 41 weeks, Mel’s baby girl decided to make her grand entrance into the world. She was induced, and the drip started around 11:30 am. During labor, Mel used gas and morphine for pain management, although she found the effects to be somewhat limited.

Overcoming Challenges During Labor

Continuous monitoring during labor restricted Mel’s movement, making it challenging to adopt her preferred labor positions. Despite the obstacles, she persevered, pushing for an hour until her baby’s shoulders got momentarily stuck. However, the baby was born healthy, filling Mel’s heart with joy and an overwhelming rush of feel-good hormones.

Nurturing Her Newborn: Breastfeeding and Challenges

Immediately after birth, Mel began breastfeeding her baby girl and used a nipple shield to cope with sore nipples. However, she faced challenges with mastitis, enduring it twice. Thankfully, with the help of antibiotics, lymphatic massage, and hot showers, Mel eventually recovered.

Physical and Mental Recovery

Mel’s physical recovery was smooth, with pelvic girdle pain dissipating and the ability to sleep comfortably. She had a first-degree tear, but the stitches healed well without any ongoing issues. During her recovery, she also underwent a pelvic floor assessment to ensure her well-being.

Lessons Learned and Words of Wisdom

Reflecting on her childbirth experience, Mel offers valuable advice to expectant mothers. She encourages them to gather as much information as possible about different birth scenarios and practical birth advice. She emphasizes the importance of advocating for personal preferences during labor and having a supportive partner.

A Bittersweet Transition: Childcare and Return to Work

As Mel’s daughter prepares for her first day at childcare, she shares her mixed emotions about returning to work part-time at a seed testing laboratory. While she will miss her little one dearly, she is confident that her daughter will thrive in her new environment. Mel’s journey of motherhood is one of strength, resilience, and love. Despite the challenges and uncertainties, she embraces every moment with courage and grace. Her story is a beautiful reminder of the beauty and joy that motherhood brings.

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All information is general in nature and doesn’t substitute individualised assessment, treatment and diagnosis.  If you have any questions or concerns please consult your healthcare provider.

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