Podcast Episode #99

Pelvic Floor Friday #7 [Quality Lift]

Welcome back to the Pelvic Floor Friday session!

Today, we are focussing on a quality pelvic floor lift. I am going to talk you through a few ways of imagining your pelvic floor, we are going to do a lovely lift together, and then focus on that full relaxation and release.

So, although I am talking you through this pelvic floor set, if you’ve been listening to me for awhile you will know I always say how everyone is on their own journey,

Everyone is different.

Focus on quality over quantity.

And if you can’t hold for as long as I say, please don’t.

Any discomfort or questions please do stop and consult your healthcare provider.

Right, let’s dive in.

Find a position where you can relax.

  1. Focus on draw string bag. Close off the bag, then lift it up off the ground.
  2. Clock face. Bring the 4 points on the clock together in the middle.
  3. Relaxation: focus on full release. Imagine a bud is blooming. Dropping and flopping. Avoiding straining down, instead release and let all the muscle tension drop away.

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