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How long should I rest after giving birth?

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Giving birth is a big deal.  No matter if you’ve had a vaginal or a caesarean birth, your body has been through a LOT. No matter if it’s your first or fourth baby, giving birth is an incredible accomplishment.  But, it’s also a time when your body needs to rest and recover.

How long should I rest after giving birth?

This is a topic we discuss in today’s episode.

But let’s first discuss rest.

What one woman considers ‘rest’, can be totally different to the next woman.

  • Is this your first baby, or 4th?
  • Do you have help around the home, or are you solo parenting?
  • Did you have any medical complications, birth trauma that may increase the need for rest?
  • How are you feeling? How are you sleeping?

All your answers to these questions will impact how much ‘rest’ you can get, or how much you need after giving birth.

In this podcast episode we discuss a few basic guidelines to follow, taking into account your personal situation.   

We discuss:

  • How long can I walk for after birth?
  • How much lying down do I need?
  • What about household chores?

 This short episodes packs a punch of practical info, so do check it out if you want to know how much rest you need after giving birth.

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