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Birth story with Jo [2nd VBA2C, fourth baby]


In a recent episode of the Pregnancy, Birth, and Recovery podcast, we had the privilege of speaking with Jo, a remarkable woman who identifies herself as an “everyday mum.” Jo, now a mother of four, has recently embarked on a powerful journey by welcoming her fourth child through a vaginal birth after two caesareans (VBA2C). Her story provides invaluable insights into pursuing a VBA2C, handling the healthcare system, and juggling life with a newborn alongside three other children.

Overcoming Hurdles

Jo’s narrative sheds light on the pressures and obstacles she faced within the healthcare system when opting for a VBA2C. Despite these hurdles, Jo remained steadfast in her decision and determination for her preferred birth method.

The Power of Support and Positive Mindset

One of the pivotal moments in Jo’s journey was finding support among midwives who believed in her choice and her body’s capability. This support, coupled with a significant mental shift towards positivity, played a crucial role in her going into labour naturally. Jo’s story emphasises the vital impact of mental and emotional preparation for childbirth, highlighting how a positive outlook and supportive care can influence the birthing experience.

Practical Tips for Life with a Newborn

As a seasoned mother, Jo offers practical advice for managing life with a newborn. She stresses the importance of self-care during pregnancy, advocating for finding moments of peace and rest amidst the busyness of motherhood. Her approach to balancing the needs of all her children, from dedicating quality time to each child to incorporating self-care routines, offers valuable strategies for new and experienced mothers alike.

The Journey of Maternal Resilience

Jo’s second VBA2C journey is more than a birth story; it’s a testament to maternal strength, advocacy, and the deep emotional journey of expanding a family. Her experience serves as an inspiration for mothers facing similar decisions, illustrating that with support, determination, and a positive mindset, the challenges of a VBA2C can be navigated successfully.

Whether you’re planning a VBA2C, expecting your first child, or navigating the complexities of raising multiple children, her journey offers encouragement, wisdom, and a sense of community for all mothers.

** This podcast has general information only. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health or medical condition. 

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