Podcast Episode #128

What YOU have told me you need for pregnancy & postpartum.

What YOU have told me you need for pregnancy & postpartum.

This episode is a little different to the normal podcast episode.

I share with you the responses of a recent survey, where I surveyed over 5000 women during pregnancy and motherhood to find out what they need to help support them during this time.

The results did surprise me! But they are amazingly helpful to move forwards into 2023 and beyond.

Thank you so much for participating in this survey.  If you’d like to do this quick survey, click here: https://forms.gle/yxpZTsy3EuEAMxtX8

Bring on 2023 and beyond – there is going to be so much goodness to help you during pregnancy and motherhood and I am super excited!

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If you are pregnant or you’ve recently had a baby, this podcast is for you. I am your host, Kath Baquie. A physiotherapist working in women’s health and mum of three. Inside my online program, FitNest Mama, I just love helping support women to care for their bodies during pregnancy, prepare their bodies for birth and support their after-birth recovery. Helping them feel confident and strong inside out during this important stage of their lives. In this podcast, join me each week as we dive into all things, pregnancy care, childbirth, and postnatal recovery, helping you through every step of the journey. It is absolutely possible to feel amazing and confident in our bodies during this motherhood journey. And I want that for you. Come and say hi to me on Instagram, @fitnestmama and let’s dive into today’s episode.


Hello and welcome back to another episode of the FitNest Mama Podcast. So, today’s episode is a bit different to normal. It’s yeah, it’s a bit different than normal. And the reason I’m sharing it is because it’s actually really interesting. So, this week, at the time of recording, it is early February, my children have just gone to school. And I’ve had six weeks where I have been missing in action a bit not missing in action, but I’ve been I’ve been with my children, they’ve been on school holidays, we’ve been making memories, it’s been amazing. And now that they’re back at school, I’m thinking right, I am so ready to get my teeth into helping to support your role during pregnancy and postpartum.

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So, what I did was sent out an email survey to everyone on my mailing list. If you would like to do this survey, click the link below, and it will take you to it. And the reason I did this survey was because FitNest Mama is approaching three years old. So, for three years I’ve been helping you during your pregnancy and postpartum. But the truth was, is I haven’t had a, I don’t feel I’ve had a good understanding in the last six to 12 months of where you’re all at. So, for example, if you’ve been on my mailing list for three years, are you still interested in pregnancy information? Or you actually wanting support to help you in your 40s and approaching your 50s and helping with your pelvic health approaching menopause? Or are you onto your second pregnancy, third pregnancy, whatever it might be. So, I wanted to get an idea of where you’re at in terms of pregnancy and postpartum, your early pregnancy or were you years and years down the track.

Secondly, because we’re in 2023, at the time of recording, I was excited to look into organizing some more in person events. So, whether or not that’s in person Pilates classes, or an in person retreat of some sort, like retreat for pregnancy, or her treat the general wellness or in person preparing for labour workshops. So, this is what I’ve had in the back of my mind, what should I organize in the next six to 12 months moving forwards and this is why I wanted to survey your role to find out where you’re at, and to see how I can best support you.

So, FitNest Mama, my main online, main online membership will always be my number one. This is where I help you with online workouts during pregnancy and postpartum. I help you to care for your pelvic floor during this crucial stage of motherhood. I help you to recover after having a baby so that you feel strong again, you can get back to CrossFit, the gym, running whatever, it might be for you. So, FitNest Mama, my online membership where you can join up month by month, no commitment, or you can join for longer and get a great savings. That will always be my main offering but moving into 2023 I wanted to see how else I could support you during your motherhood. So that’s why I sent out the survey. So once again, click the link below. It’s really quick, like one minute survey only three or four questions. That’s it. And I would love to hear from you because you’re listening. So, congratulations. I’m assuming that means you’re pregnant or you’ve recently had a baby. So welcome to the podcast if this is your first episode. This is definitely not my normal episode.

Okay, so this survey help has been amazing. It’s been a bit surprising which I’ll share why, but it’s also helped me to work out who I need to get onto the podcast to support you. Who I need to get into the membership to help support you. So, if it’s not my area of expertise, that’s when I outsource. So, anything regarding obviously breastfeeding, conceiving fertility, diet, nutrition, this is where I bring in amazing people, either into onto the podcast or into my membership.

Okay, so let me quickly tell you the results of the surveys so far, because it’s really interesting. And I do realize, I have made a bit of a mistake over the last six to 12 months. And I’ll explain why. So, it seems that half of you on my mailing list, either pregnant at some stage of pregnancy or postpartum, so whether or not you’re early, postpartum, or a couple of years down the track, so that’s great. I thought it might, I hoped it might be around those stats, 50-50. It seems that about half of you, from Australia, and half are from other places around the world. So, 50-50.

Now, I asked the question, what interests you. The biggest responses about 40% of you interested in preparing for labour workshops in person. So, this is where I would talk you through. And just before I go on, I do have this online. So, if this sounds interesting, and you haven’t done that online workshop, click the link below, there will be a link to it, and definitely come along. But in person, we could go through ways to help prepare the pelvic floor for birth, or we could go through active birth techniques, relaxation techniques, pushing techniques for birth, and we could talk about after birth recovery. So, so many beautiful things we could do in person, we could talk about how your partner can support you during this process, too. So, 40% of you are interested in that are really interesting, was more than I thought.

And now 40% of you are interested in online telehealth. This is where you have the opportunity to, we will do an online consultation, an online consult where you get to talk to myself, I’m a pelvic floor physio. And we can go through any of your concerns whether or not it’s aches and pains, pelvic floor recovery, getting back into running, pregnancy wellness. And the interesting thing is here. I have been offering this for the last couple of years. But it made me realize, like, 40% of you want this. But I haven’t perhaps been sharing with you all the information of how to do this, how to book an online telehealth because I know how important that face to face appointment is. And I know this personally sometimes during pregnancy and postpartum it’s hard to get out the house, it’s hard to take your toddler it’s hard to go and seek that support face to face. So, to be able to have that option of an online telehealth appointment that you can do in the comfort of your home. I think it’s amazing. So, 40% of you’re interested in and it may be realized I do apologize, but I haven’t shared how I can help you in this area. So, I’ll put the link below too. If you are interested in this, you can book a time. Now 25% of you roughly are all interested in Pilates classes retreat and retreats for pregnancy or general wellness for 25% of all survey respondents.

Okay, now the other thing I did want to also share I said How else can I best help support you during your pregnancy and motherhood journey. And this made me feel or again I feel that I haven’t been. I’ve let you down here ladies, I do apologize. So, a lot of you would say I’d like help to recover after giving birth. I’m reading this out as I read as I talk to you. I’ve had mild back pain and I’m not sure how to exercise his back pain. I would like to recovery from body aches and improve my fitness level from last baby. I’d like weight loss and a flatter stomach with about five exclamation marks. Knowing which pregnancy exercises are best suited to each stage of pregnancy. Strengthening of the shoulder and wrist for carrying my baby. So, what I’m trying to say here is a lot of women are wanting this information. And this is actually what I’d cover inside FitNest Mama. All these, FitNest Mama isn’t just workouts. It’s all these resources to help you feel better during pregnancy. To help you feel less achy, it’s to help you here this one is given me any tips he can on a tear free labour. Like this is what fitness Mama is. This is what my free pregnancy workshop is. And the fact that you’re asking for this information. And I’m already providing it made me realize perhaps I haven’t been sharing this with you well enough.

So as a result, ladies, you’re going to see some changes. So firstly, if you’d like to come and trial for seven days to see what FitNest Mama is all about, there’s a link below. But also, I’m going to be creating some more resources for you listening today. First of all, I’m going to start with my members to make sure my members understand how they can access all this inside FitNest Mama, like it’s all there on the app. But I want to make sure my members are able to easily pull this information when they need it if and when they need it. Secondly, you’ll start to notice some more changes on my website, so that everyone who’s on my mailing list and all of you listening today, know how to, again, I’m reading here, have some tips for after birth and pelvic floor exercises, need exercise for pregnant beginners, working towards getting back to the gym and lifting. I’ve got hundreds of responses here. And about 80% of them are exactly what I already offer. So, which is exciting, it shows me that FitNest Mama is exactly what you need. We might put some in person retreats in person events in person Pilates classes into the mix. But ultimately FitNest Mama is exactly what you want a need. But my job now is to help make it more easily accessible for those who are a member. And for those who aren’t a member help you understand that this information is there and available. So, whether or not it’s an a podcast, or a YouTube video, or on my website is a blog, I want to help. I want to help you whether or not you’re a member or whether or not, you’re not.

So, thank you so much for completing this survey. It’s given me so much to do, which will really help support you over the coming six months. I thank you again, if you do want to complete the survey and you haven’t, click the link below, it’ll only take a minute or two. So, in conclusion, ladies, stay tuned because I’m going to get some brilliant guest speakers onto this podcast. There’s going to be some videos to really that you can download PDFs like there’s going to be my website is going to be a really amazing place of resource for you so that you can access the information you need, or when you need it and how you need it.

So that’s it ladies, again, not my normal episode. I’ve got some brilliant episodes lined up in the coming week. Stay tuned. Thank you again for, I guess, tuning in. And being with me on this amazing journey I it’s always so exciting to hear about how you are going during pregnancy and how your birth was and how your recovery is. So, thank you for all who have sent me a DM over the coming last few months who’ve sent me an email. It’s really lovely to hear from you.

That’s it, ladies. Have a great day. Have a great week and we will see you next week for another episode of the FitNest Mama Podcast.

Thanks for listening to the FitNest Mama Podcast brought to you by the FitNest Mama Freebies found at www.fitnestmama.com/free. So please take a few seconds to leave a review, subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. And be sure to take a screenshot of this podcast, upload it to your social media and tag me, @fitnestmama so I can give you a shout out too. Until next time. Remember, an active pregnancy, confident childbirth, and strong postnatal recovery is something that you deserve. Remember our disclaimer, materials and contents in this podcast are intended as general information only and shouldn’t substitute any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. I’ll see you soon!

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