Podcast Episode #111

How many newborn nappies do I need?

Today I chat with Sheree, Postnatal Care Specialist. 

We will be discussing how many newborn nappies do I need?

We will be discussing nappies in those first few days, those first few nights after birth, and how your partner can help.

Sheree is a nurse, midwife, lactation consultant and childbirth educator and provides an amazing support for new mums.

These are the topics we discuss in today’s episode:

— How many newborn nappies do I need?
— How many nappies per day?
— How many nappies should I buy before the baby is born?
— Buying too many newborn nappies.
— Night #2
— Baby blues
— Tips for partners.

How many nappies do newborns need?

Between 2500-3000 nappies per year the average baby tends to use.  

How many nappies per day does a newborn need?

Generally, at a minimum, babies tend to have around 6 wet nappies per day, then you include the bowel motions, and you might need up to 12 nappies per day.

How many nappies should I buy before the baby is born?

This is a very personal choice, and dependent on a number of factors, including how easy it is to go out and buy nappies.  

As a general rule however, remembering that a baby might use up to 12 nappies per day, it might be worth having at least a week’s worth of nappies on hand, so that you have enough time to work out if you like the brand and size of nappy, but without feeling like you are rushing out to the shops as soon as you bring the baby home.  

Think about your personal circumstances, how much support you have available, how easy it is to go to the shops, and then you might consider how many days worth of nappies you want to stock up on.

Buying too many nappies

It might be tempting to stock up on a particular size of nappies, but newborns can change size quickly, and it is very common to hear of parents buying a new carton of nappies, only to suddenly realise the nappy is leaking and they are ready for the next size.

If there is leakage at night, it might be worth considering going up to the next size, or trying a different brand of nappy.

There are a lot more varieties of nappies on the market, and options for purchase, from disposable to non-disposable, eco-friendly nappies, as well as subscription nappy services.

Listen to the full podcast episodes for more information about nappies, newborns and the first week after birth.

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