Podcast Episode #161

4th C-section success story with Lauren Brenton

4th c section success stories

In this podcast episode, I chat with Lauren Brenton, otherwise known as @onemamamidwife, a remarkable midwife, childbirth educator, and a mother of four. Lauren shares her 4th c-section success stories and her experiences and insights into childbirth, particularly focusing on her fourth C-section and her valuable recovery tips.

Embracing the Unexpected: Lauren’s Journey Through C-Sections

Navigating the First C-Section:

  • Lauren’s journey began with an unexpected twist when her first C-section was necessitated by her baby’s breech position. Despite feeling somewhat unprepared, Lauren embarked on a journey of maternal strength and resilience.

Second birth, aiming for a VBAC:

  • Lauren’s second birth was planned as a vaginal birth after C-section (VBAC), but circumstances took an unforeseen turn. An emergency C-section was required due to complications, fueling Lauren’s desire for a deeper connection with her newborn.

Advocating for Connection: The Maternal-Assisted C-Section

  • Empowerment Through Advocacy: Determined to experience the immediate bond she longed for, Lauren embarked on a journey to advocate for a maternal-assisted C-section for her fourth child.
  • A Transformative Experience: The maternal-assisted C-section marked a pivotal moment in Lauren’s motherhood journey. The absence of a drape allowed her to actively participate in her baby’s birth, fostering an immediate and powerful connection that left an indelible mark on her heart.

The Impact of Empowerment on Recovery: Insights and Tips

  • From Misconception to Preparedness: Lauren candidly shared her initial lack of preparedness for the recovery process after her first C-section, dispelling the notion that it is an “easy way out.” Subsequent recoveries were better managed through exercises during pregnancy, compression shorts, and early movement to aid healing.
  • Prioritizing Rest and Support: One of the key takeaways from Lauren’s journey is the importance of prioritizing rest and seeking support from loved ones. She emphasizes the need to acknowledge the postpartum period as a time for healing and connection, rather than rushing into daily tasks.
  • Scar Massage and Proactive Recovery: Lauren sheds light on the significance of scar massage for healing and highlights the need for proactive measures to counteract constipation caused by pain medication. Her experience also showcases the positive impact of involving older siblings in caring for the new baby.

Nurturing Well-being: Lauren’s Current Focus and Advice for New Mothers

  • The Ongoing Journey: Acknowledging that her strength and health aren’t fully regained, Lauren emphasizes her commitment to prioritize her well-being. She shares her plan to undergo blood tests, incorporate exercise, and seek guidance from professionals, emphasizing the importance of taking care of oneself.
  • Advice for New Mothers: Lauren’s wisdom extends to expecting and new mothers, encouraging them to educate themselves about postpartum recovery and not blaming themselves for unforeseen circumstances. She advocates for self-kindness and rest during the transformative postpartum period.

Lauren’s 4th C-section Success Story

Lauren Brenton’s journey through motherhood is an inspiring tale of resilience, empowerment, and connection. Her experiences with C-sections and postpartum recovery have led her to advocate for active participation in the birth process, fostering an immediate bond with her newborns. As she continues to prioritize her well-being and offer valuable advice to fellow mothers, Lauren’s story stands as a testament to the transformative power of empowerment and the importance of self-care during the remarkable journey of motherhood.

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