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Spilling the Milk with Sarah Marie Fahd [Birth Story]

Spilling the Milk with Sarah Marie Fahd

Today’s chat is with the lovely mum of two, Sarah Marie Fahd who discusses her birth story, pregnancy journey and after birth recovery

Sarah Marie Fahd describes her birth story how she went into labour earlier than her planned Caesarean booking, she describes the joys and challenges of being a mum of two.  This interview perfectly describes the reality of the juggle of motherhood. 

We had to stop recording a few times due to babies and dogs and that is the reality of having a chat with any mum who has a 4 week old baby and a family. 

Sarah Marie began by discussing her journey to becoming pregnant with her most recent baby. She opened up about the challenges she faced after a miscarriage and how it affected her ability to fully enjoy her pregnancy. Despite the difficulties, she remained resilient and determined to expand her family.

Due to medical reasons, Sarah Marie opted for a planned cesarean. However, her birth experience took an unexpected turn when her water broke earlier than planned. She recounted the rush to the hospital, with contractions adding to the excitement and occasional humour shared between her and her husband during the car ride.

The stigma surrounding elective cesareans was also addressed during the episode. Sarah Marie shared her experience of giving birth and the surprising realization that she was in active labor and dilated six centimeters, despite planning for a cesarean. She expressed gratitude for the amazing medical team who supported her throughout the process, as well as her sister-in-law who captured beautiful photos of the birth.

A significant topic of discussion was Sarah Marie’s mental health and how it differed between her first pregnancy and her current experience with her second child. She openly spoke about the depression and anxiety she experienced during her first postpartum period and how much better she feels now. Sarah Marie attributed this improvement to her increased experience and confidence as a mother.

Breastfeeding was another area of focus. Sarah Marie shared her challenges with breastfeeding during her first pregnancy but expressed her newfound confidence and preparedness this time around. She emphasized the importance of disregarding unsolicited opinions and seeking support from lactation consultants who align with one’s own mindset.

The conversation shifted to postnatal recovery, specifically regarding cesarean births. Sarah Marie discussed the presence of scar tissue and how it impacted her first recovery. However, during her second cesarean, the scar tissue was resolved, resulting in a smoother healing process. She recommended the use of recovery shorts and emphasized the importance of taking prescribed painkillers to aid in recovery.

Sarah Marie also shared her postnatal recovery goals, including a focus on strengthening her pelvic floor, core, and overall fitness. As someone who was previously physically active, she expressed her excitement to incorporate exercise back into her routine, mentioning her plans to utilize a Peloton bike.

Throughout the episode, Sarah Marie emphasized the significance of following one’s intuition as a parent. She highlighted the strong bond between a mother and child and encouraged listeners to trust their instincts. She also advised finding like-minded people and not feeling judged, emphasizing that there is no right or wrong way to approach motherhood.

** This podcast has general information only. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health or medical condition. 

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All information is general in nature and doesn’t substitute individualised assessment, treatment and diagnosis.  If you have any questions or concerns please consult your healthcare provider.

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