Podcast Episode #206

Pelvic floor trauma and birth – Let’s open up the conversation

In one of our latest episode on the Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery podcast, I discussed a topic that I often brushed under the carpet: pelvic floor birth trauma. Traditionally, society focusses on the joyful stories of birth, leaving the not-so-pleasant bits like pelvic floor issues a bit of a taboo. But it’s high time we changed that tune.

Can Pelvic Floor Education During Pregnancy Help With Birth Trauma Symptoms?

Research is now showing us that knowing a bit about our pelvic floor health before we give birth can actually make a massive difference. It turns out that being clued up on things like prolapse and incontinence and potential issues resulting from birth can make us less stressed and more positive about the whole childbirth experience. By getting our heads around these issues early on, we can reduce our worries and feel prouder and more in control after giving birth.

The Hidden Problem of Pelvic Floor Issues

Despite being pretty common, pelvic floor troubles are something of a hidden problem, with many of us not really wanting to talk about it or even knowing we should. This podcast episode is all about pulling back the curtain on this topic, making sure we’re all informed about what could happen and how we can deal with it if it does.

Knowledge is Power: Let’s Get Informed and Feel Stronger

We’re not stopping at just talking about it, though. I’ve got plans to keep this conversation going, with more episodes lined up to shine a light on pelvic floor health. Plus, I’m organising a workshop to help all you lovely pregnant mamas out there learn more about your pelvic floor health and how to keep healthy and strong during and after pregnancy. This is all about making you feel empowered and confident, ready to tackle motherhood head-on.

Join Us and Stay Informed

If you want to stay in the loop, make sure to hop onto our email list or check out the FitNest Mama membership for loads of resources, support, and tips for your pregnancy and beyond. This is all about opening up the conversation, getting clued up, and making sure we’re all ready for what childbirth might throw our way.

It’s all about bringing this once-taboo topic into the open and getting us talking about our pelvic floors without any awkwardness or embarrassment. The more we know, the stronger and more confident we’ll feel. So, let’s keep the conversation going and help each other feel ready for the amazing journey of motherhood.

** This podcast has general information only. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health or medical condition.

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Research discussed:

Johnson et al 2022, The Importance of information: Prenatal education surrounding birth-related pelvic floor trauma mitigates symptom-related distress.  

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