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How to Prepare Your Pelvic Floor for Birth

how to prepare your pelvic floor for birth

Preparing the pelvic floor for birth

Our pelvic health is important, but often under recognised.  Pregnancy and birth is a time where we are more at risk of pelvic health issues such as incontinence (leaking), or prolapse (eg vaginal bulge/lump).

There are actually quite a few ways that we can help prepare our pelvic floor for birth, worth noting whilst still pregnant.

So, how can we prepare our pelvic floor for birth?

Identify any issues early

Pregnancy (or pre-pregnancy even) is a great time to tackle any pre existing issues.

If you’ve been leaking that little bit every time you sneeze or cough, or you’re rushing to the toilet, it could be time to seek help.

Head to your local pelvic floor physiotherapist for an assessment, and you can also download this free pelvic floor checklist here too.

Your pregnancy fitness

Being healthy and strong during pregnancy can help you cope better with childbirth, and can help with post birth recovery outcomes too.

Finding a way to move your body when pregnant can have a few more obstacles than usual.  Morning sickness, aches & pains, working full-time.. It may be harder to exercise than usual.

Finding quality workouts that work with you and your current lifestyle, and not against, can make all the difference here.

Feeling tired? Perhaps substitute your gym workout with a walk around the block.

Feeling nauseous? A few stretches in the sunlight might help how you’re feeling?

Feeling achey? Be sure to complete pelvic girdle pain friendly workouts.

And, find yourself workouts that include pelvic floor exercises and pregnancy appropriate core exercises too (hint – FitNest Mama is perfect for this).

Perineal Massage from 36 weeks

Research has shown that this can help to reduce your risk of 3+4th degree perineal tears and episiotomy.

I teach perineal massage slightly differently from most out there.  Inside FitNest Mama I teach how to use active birth techniques, breathing techniques and pushing techniques alongside teaching perineal massage.  And, if the thought of perineal massage makes you squirm, don’t worry because there’s plenty that you can still do to help support your perineum during birth.

After Birth Recovery

Lots that we can learn about during pregnancy to help with our after birth recovery.

Easy tips available for after birth recovery on this podcast episode.

Postnatal rehab

Postnatal rehab doesn’t need to be hard, time consuming or complicated.

Exercising the RIGHT way after birth can make all the difference.

Join FitNest Mama if you’d like to get started with your postnatal recovery journey.

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** This podcast has general information only. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health or medical condition.

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