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How do I stay fit and active with a young family? [Listener Question]

How do I stay fit and active with a young family [Listener Question]

Welcome back to another episode of the Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery podcast. Today I am addressing a common concern raised by one of our listeners—how to stay fit and active with a young family, particularly when managing the demands of a two-year-old and a six-month-old. As a physio and a mum who has been through the trenches of motherhood, I understand the challenges that come with maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle during this phase. Today, let’s dive into some practical tips and personal reflections on the journey of staying fit and active through motherhood.

1. Phases of life and matrescence

As mothers, we go through a huge transformation, an evolution known as matrescence. Each child brings new responsibilities and changes, shaping us into different versions of ourselves. Recognising that this is a phase of life is crucial. This phase of life wont last forever. Understanding the evolving nature of motherhood helps us approach staying fit and active with a mindset of adaptability and self-compassion.

2. Support from the village

Building a village is ideal, (although not essential) in this journey. Partners, family, and friends can play a pivotal role in supporting your efforts to stay active. In my experience, involving my partner in planning specific times for workouts was a game-changer. Whether it’s family members helping with childcare or creative solutions like alternating park visits with friends, a strong support system significantly eases the challenges of staying fit with young children.

3. Planning, with flexibility

Creating a plan for workouts, exercise and ‘me-time’ is ideal, but life with young children is unpredictable. Discussing potential workout times with your partner at the beginning of each week is a practical approach. However, the key is embracing flexibility. Backup plans are helpful, ensuring that even if the original plan falls through, there’s always an alternative to keep your commitment to staying active.

4. What is easy, achievable and realistic today?

Reflecting on what feels easy, achievable, and realistic is super helpful. In my journey, I found benefits in quick 10-minute home workouts with my toddler, incorporating fun activities like a ‘Wiggles Workout.’ Celebrating small achievements, no matter how brief the workout, contributes significantly to mental and physical well-being. Remember, progress is the goal, not perfection.

As we navigate the beautiful chaos of motherhood, staying fit and active becomes an achievable goal with the right mindset and support. Embrace the phases of life, build your village, plan with flexibility, and focus on what feels realistic today. Together, we can celebrate the victories, big and small, in prioritising self-care during this incredible journey called motherhood. If you’re looking for a supportive fitness community, consider joining FitNest Mama—a space designed for mums like us. Until next time, take care and keep moving forward.

** This podcast has general information only. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health or medical condition.

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