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Home birth, hypnobirthing, 3rd baby | Spilling the Milk with Tina Pullen

Home birth, hypnobirthing, 3rd baby Spilling the Milk with Tina Pullen

Enjoy this beautiful birth story with Tina Pullen.

Tina Pullen is a Hypnobirthing Australia Certified Practitioner, Childbirth Educator and mum to three kids. After experiencing the benefits of hypnobirthing for her second birth, she became passionate about positive birth education and knew she had to spread the word! Tina believes that birth should be an empowering experience for all women- regardless of how and where they birth.

In this episode Tina discusses her 3rd birth which was a home birth, how hypnobirthing contributed to her experience, and how she navigates motherhood with three children.

In an engaging episode of “Spilling the Milk,” the podcast host warmly welcomes Tina Pullin, a certified HypnoBirthing practitioner and a mother of three, to share her extraordinary story. Throughout the conversation, Tina’s unwavering dedication to birth education and empowering women shines through. Join us as we explore Tina’s path to becoming a birthing practitioner, her personal experiences with HypnoBirthing, and the intentional decision to have a home birth for her third baby. Prepare to be inspired and enlightened by Tina’s remarkable journey.

Discovering the Power of HypnoBirthing

Tina’s journey into the world of birthing education began after her second birth experience. Dissatisfied with the intensity and lack of mental preparedness during her first birth, she sought a different approach for her second child. It was during this transformative HypnoBirthing experience that Tina realized the profound impact this practice could have on empowering women and enhancing their birthing journeys. This revelation sparked her passion to become a birthing practitioner herself, equipped with the knowledge and techniques to support and guide other women.

A Purposeful Decision: Choosing Home Birth

Delving into Tina’s third pregnancy, we explore her deliberate choice to have a home birth. Driven by her belief in the benefits of home births and her desire for a unique birthing experience, Tina embraced this path with unwavering determination. Motivated by her longing to provide her second child with undivided attention and her own curiosity about the home birth experience she had not previously encountered, Tina embarked on this empowering decision.

Empowerment through Knowledge

Throughout the conversation, Tina emphasizes the importance of education and being informed about birth choices. Initially drawn to the notion of private hospitals for her first birth, she ultimately ended up going through the public system. However, Tina’s experiences and newfound knowledge led her to reconsider her options for subsequent births. She delves into her journey of learning about home births through a course, challenging her preconceived notions and discovering the allure of this unconventional approach. Her second birth, with minimal intervention from the obstetrician, solidified her desire for a midwife’s support and guidance in her next birthing experience.

Creating an Empowering Environment

As Tina shares her preparations for a home birth, practical considerations come into focus. Gathering essential supplies such as towels, tarps, and a birth pool, she also sets the stage with affirmations and decorations, creating a nurturing environment for the transformative experience ahead. Tina relishes the time leading up to the birth, cherishing walks, swims, and savoring each day as she anticipates the arrival of her little one.

The Birth Journey Unfolds

On her due date, Tina experiences cramping and light contractions, though initial progress is slow. Overcoming fears about her midwife’s and mother’s absence, Tina decides not to wait around for labor and continues with her daily activities. Contractions intensify during a walk home from a chiropractic appointment, compelling her to pause during each wave. As the intensity increases, Tina relies on a TENS machine for pain relief while carrying on with her daily routines.

The Miracle of Birth

As labor progresses, the speaker finds solace in the soothing waters of the birth pool. Amidst a mixture of relief and disbelief, Tina experiences the extraordinary moment when she pushes her baby’s head out. With the guidance of her midwife, she gently turns her knees in and feet out, creating more space for the shoulders. In a wave of awe and emotion, Tina catches her baby as he slips into her waiting arms. With her daughter and mother present for this profound moment, she begins the beautiful journey of breastfeeding and witnesses the miraculous breast crawl.

The Postpartum Period

After the birth, Tina ensures the lounge room is set up with protective measures, creating a safe and nurturing space for her and her baby. Although birthing the placenta proves to be a challenge, Tina explores different positions, allowing the natural process to unfold. With a sense of gratitude and awe, she reflects on her transformative home birth experience and the profound impact it has had on her and her family.

Tina’s journey to a transformative home birth, guided by her dedication to birth education and HypnoBirthing, serves as an inspiration for women seeking empowerment in their birthing journeys. By embracing knowledge, making intentional choices, and creating an environment that fosters strength and tranquility, Tina has paved the way for a truly empowering birth experience. As the podcast episode concludes, listeners are encouraged to rate, review, and share the episode, spreading Tina’s story and empowering more women to reclaim their birthing power.

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