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8 Recovery Tips for a Caesarean Birth with Kath

Apr 28, 2021

Kath from Fitnest Mama 


I believe postnatal recovery isn’t given the time and care it needs in our society. New mothers tend to have a short period of rest and then rush to get back to being active without undertaking the proper recovery care. There’s just a lot to consider about your recovery after giving birth, and cesarean delivery can often add another level of complexity.

That’s why in today’s episode I want to dive into postnatal care after a Caesarean birth, from abdominal support, to constipation, all the way to caesarean scar massage. I’ll give you actionable tips to help your recovery and explore ways you can prepare yourself as well as where to seek help.

So, sit back, unwind, and slow down as you listen to this episode.


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