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You’re expecting. CONGRATULATIONS!


Finding out you’re expecting is an exciting time, but you may also feel nervous. Especially if you’ve had a difficult birth or heard stories from your friends about their less-than-pleasant experiences.


And you’re probably wondering how to best prepare yourself for the most pleasant birth experience possible and accelerate your recovery after so you can get back to the activities you love.


The good news is you can take many simple steps to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the best birth and recovery possible.


But Kath, what does a great birth and recovery journey look like exactly?


I’m glad you asked! Every woman’s birthing experience and recovery is unique, but some of the most common ways my clients experience their “best” birth possible:


  • Being able to move your body while pregnant with safe movements that keep your body strong leading up to when you give birth.


  • Heading into birth with minimal back and pelvic pain OR if you feel pain, you know simple ways to help (or support) your body as it moves through it.


  • Knowing how to prepare for labour with evidence-backed massage and active birth techniques.


  • Feeling calm and at ease going into birth because you’re prepared for what comes next in terms of after-care for you and your baby. You’re equipped and educated on how to heal your pelvic floor and core after birth.


The best way to prepare yourself is with mindful, supportive movement (like pilates and yoga designed for pregnant women) designed by peri-natal experts who have your back.

Pregnant mum and postnatal mum doing online pilates workout from home

Online Pregnancy-Specific Pilates And Yoga Workout Programs Carefully Curated By Qualified, Proven Experts.

Stay fit and healthy, support healthy childbirth and prepare for optimal post-pregnancy recovery with Perinatal Physiotherapist Recommended online content from the comfort of your home!

Feel Confident Going Into Childbirth

Say goodbye to being swayed or pressured by random influencers, family members, or doctors on TV. Get the information you need to decide which science-backed strategies are best for you and your baby and align with your values.

Protect Against Pregnancy Injuries

Whether you’re a first-time mum who wants to get it right or a repeat mum who wants to avoid the mistakes you made last time, we have something for you! Our online resources and pilates/yoga workouts help reduce the likelihood of core muscle injury, incontinence after childbirth, pelvic organ prolapse, and other pregnancy injuries.

Stay Active While Pregnant, Safely

No need to worry about what moves are safe for you and your baby.
Our online pregnancy workouts have been created by a professional perinatal physiotherapist and give you peace of mind you’re exercising safely. And they can all be done from the comfort of your home with items you already have, for maximum convenience!

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What's Included In Your FitNest Mama Prenatal Membership?

Consider this membership your one-stop-shop of curated resources you need before and immediately following childbirth so you can prepare for and have the best experience and recovery possible. When you join, you get access to the entire pre and post-natal on-demand training library.


Hear What Our Mums Are Saying About Us

Listen to the pregnancy success stories of other mums who we have helped to prepare their bodies for pregnancy, childbirth & recover afterwards with our online exercise programs.

Jodie pregnant with first bubba

Jodie | 6 Months Postnatal, First Bubba

Thanks so much Kath & FitNest, you’ve honestly helped me feel so much more prepared and confident about my first pregnancy and birth! xx

Pam 6 months postnatal, first bubba

Pam | 6 months postnatal, first bubba

Thanks again for the support you provided throughout my pregnancy and beyond. Your kindness and compassion was incredible and fitnestmama made the transition into motherhood a lot more bearable. You are doing great things for all the mamas, so thanks again!