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Welcome to the Pregnancy, Birth & Recovery Podcast!

In this podcast, we will cover the strategies to help you stay healthy and active during pregnancy, and confidently recover after childbirth, so that you can get back to your old (new) self, with a bubba by your side.

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Want to lose weight after birth? Do this instead.
Motherhood, Postnatal, Wellbeing

Firstly, congrats.  You’re a mum! A whole new world has opened up. Even if you thought you were prepared, I am guessing motherhood has been an amazing ride. Today. I am broaching the topic of weight loss after birth, which I don’t usually don’t do. I usually avoid this topic. For me and my program,…

Preventing and managing flat head syndrome in babies, with The Baby Physio Demi
Pelvic Floor

In this episode we delve into the world of flat head syndrome and the crucial role of tummy time with our incredible guest, Demi, an experienced Paediatric Physiotherapist! 🧡 As an expectant or new parent, your baby’s health and well-being are of utmost importance to you. That’s why we want to share some valuable insights…

Tongue Ties and Breastfeeding: Insights from a Lactation Consultant

In this podcast episode we discuss the the connection between tongue ties and breastfeeding, with lactation consultant Jacqueline Kincer. Gain valuable insights, practical strategies, and expert advice to help you navigate the challenges and empower yourself during your baby’s oral development and breastfeeding journey. During this episode we discuss: We trust you’re going to love…

Pelvic floor exercises
Pelvic Floor

This episode will talk you through a set of pelvic floor exercises. These episodes are short, these episodes are actionable, and are designed to just help you get it done and tick off your pelvic floor from the to-do list. Perfect if you’re having a vaginal or a caesarean birth, pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, or years…

Can pregnancy weaken your core muscles

In this podcast episode, discover if pregnancy weakens core muscles.  Learn how abdominal and pelvic floor muscles change during pregnancy, the impact on back pain and other issues, and safe ways to strengthen your core. Explore alternatives to traditional exercises, safety tips, and how to restore core strength post-pregnancy. Join us for expert insights and…

Birth Story
Birth Story

Enjoy this beautiful birth story with Esther, a first time mum who unexpectedly had a home birth, and a positive experience. Esther talks us through her pregnancy journey, how she prepared for birth, and her after birth experience. Giving birth is one of the most profound experiences that a woman can go through. Every birth…

Fussy and picky eating in babies and toddlers
Baby, Motherhood

Enjoy this podcast episode with Paediatric Dietitian Kat, where we discuss tips and tricks for fussy/picky eating in babies and toddlers. We discuss common reasons why babies and toddlers may become fussy eaters, and how can parents encourage their child to try new foods, including tips for parents who are struggling with fussy/picky eating. Let’s…

Pelvic floor exercises
Pelvic Floor

Welcome back to another set of Pelvic Floor Podcast exercises! Every few weeks, I talk you through a set of pelvic floor exercises.  These episodes are short, these episodes are actionable, and are designed to just help you get it done and tick off your pelvic floor from the to-do list. Perfect if you’re having…

After Birth Recovery, Exercise, Wellbeing

Are you achey and sore as a new mum? This episode is for you! In this episode I chat about the main areas women get sore and achey in the postpartum period, the causes of these aches and pains. We discuss common causes of aches/pains, common issues with postpartum recovery, and ways to help manage…

At what point in labour should I go to hospital?

Today I am chatting with midwife Clare about the important decision of at what point in labour should I go to hospital? We discuss:– When to go to hospital when in labour– How to ease the car trip and transition to hospital– What happens when you get to hospital– Tips for birth partners Enjoy! **…

Birth story with Elizabeth
Birth Story, Childbirth, Epidural, Fertility

In this episode Elizabeth shares her beautiful birth story who recently became a parent through IVF after experiencing challenges with conception and recurrent miscarriage. At 36 years old, Elizabeth started trying to conceive, after which her first 3 pregnancies ended in miscarriage. From this point Elizabeth and her partner started looking into fertility clinics, and…

Creating a calm birth environment with Claire Fulton
Childbirth, Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy

Today we are exploring the topic of how to create a calm birth environment with Claire Fulton, a childbirth educator, founder of The Nurture Nest and The Hypnobirthing Podcast. No matter if you are planning a home birth, hospital birth, caesarean or vaginal birth, this podcast episode will be helpful. Today Claire discusses some amazing…

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