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A podcast created by Kath - a mum, perinatal physiotherapist, and founder of FitNest Mama, to help mamas from pregnancy to post-pregnancy with every challenge you may experience


Welcome to the FitNest Mama Podcast!

In this podcast, we will cover the strategies to help you stay healthy and active during pregnancy, and confidently recover after childbirth, so that you can get back to your old (new) self, with a bubba by your side.

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Caesarean Section, Childbirth

A caesarean has always been firmly structured as a surgical medical procedure with the mother as a patient. This often leads to mums feeling powerless without an active role in the delivery of their baby. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. A Maternal (or partner) assisted caesareans are designed to enable the mum…

Birth Story, Childbirth

Pain relief is an independent and individual choice for all pregnant women. Every woman will have an idea or plan on what pain relief options they want to use when going into their birth experience. Whether you’re aiming for a completely non-medical pain relief birth or are certain you want an epidural, there is a…

3 Ways To Prepare Your Pelvic Floor For Birth & Beyond: Kath Baquie
Birth Story, Childbirth

This podcast episode is about equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to know the steps towards helping with your pelvic floor preparation for birth. Since having my first baby, I went on to study the pelvic floor at university and through post graduate training as a physiotherapist. I want to make sure that you…

Birth Story Spilling The Milk: Karina
Birth Story, Childbirth

We have another birth story today from one of our gorgeous mums inside the FitNest Mama membership. Today I’m speaking with Karina about her journey throughout pregnancy and the birth of her little girl. In this episode, Karina shares her journey toward becoming pregnant, how she looked after herself during what felt like a rocky…

Sex after birth: Sexologist Naomi
Birth Story, Childbirth

Today I am chatting with Sexologist Naomi Hutchings all about sex while trying to conceive, sex during pregnancy and sex after birth. There’s a lot of changes in this time of our lives but sex rarely gets the spotlight that others do so I wanted to dive into it today. We’re going to learn how…

FitNest Mama The Year In Review: Kath Baquie from FitNest Mama
Birth Story, Childbirth

If you’re pregnant or have had a baby and haven’t been able to find the time or motivation to exercise, or if you’ve been meaning to do more exercise coming into 2022 but are finding it hard to prioritise then this is the episode for you. I wanted to share this end of year wrap…

Breastfeeding When Babies are Distracted and Fussy at the Breast: Susie Prout from Breastfeeding Success Membership
Birth Story, Childbirth

It can be very frustrating, painful and worrying when your baby is regularly fussy at the breast and refusing to feed. Perhaps they’re constantly pulling off, have difficulty swallowing, are refusing the breast or are constantly distracted. My next guest is here to share with us her expertise to help you thrive, overcome fussiness and…

Positive Birth Stories Spilling the Milk: Courtney
Birth Story, Childbirth

This positive birth story episode with Courtney is part of the Spilling the Milk series where women are sharing their positive birth stories to help enlighten and impart their own experiences and knowledge to other women.  In this positive birth story, Courtney discusses becoming a first-time mum, how she prepared for childbirth, how a doula…

Childbirth, Fourth Trimester, Newborn, Pregnancy

Today is a quick episode where I’ll share one strategy many mums have found super super helpful. You never know how your birth will actually go until it’s happened so preparing for birth should include adding lots of tools to your toolkit – to draw on what you need when you need it.  Today’s strategy…

The Magic of Babywearing: Emma Jenkins
Childbirth, Fourth Trimester, Newborn, Pregnancy

Baby wearing is such a powerful tool for mums, letting us reclaim some mobility and freedom while keeping bub close with us. There can be an overwhelming number of products to choose from and an endless stream of information on the topic so I want to break it down to its basics for you. In…

Childbirth, Fourth Trimester, Newborn, Pregnancy

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with the amazing Julie Blandthorn about alcohol during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This can be a very confusing topic with so much competing information available and you may not know who to listen to. Julie is a clinical midwife consultant at the Women’s Alcohol and Drug Service at the Royal Women’s…

TENS Machine for Labour: Kath Baquie from FitNest Mama
After Birth Recovery, Childbirth, Fourth Trimester, Newborn, Pregnancy

Today we’ll be discussing the TENS Machine for labour, what it is, and how it might be helpful with pain relief for birth. TENS stands for Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is a method of pain relief that can be used for lots of different things from back pain to period pain to a form of…

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