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A podcast created by Kath - a mum, perinatal physiotherapist, and founder of FitNest Mama, to help mamas from pregnancy to post-pregnancy with every challenge you may experience


Welcome to the FitNest Mama Podcast!

In this podcast, we will cover the strategies to help you stay healthy and active during pregnancy, and confidently recover after childbirth, so that you can get back to your old (new) self, with a bubba by your side.

So, if you're pregnant, or you've recently had a baby, you've found your podcast! Subscribe to the podcast - we will have some fun!

FitNest Mama Podcast episode: Birth Story: Spilling the Milk with Jessica
Birth Story, Childbirth, Motherhood

Today’s episode is another spilling the milk episode where I explore the birth story of a real mum. I’m joined by Jessica, who gave birth to baby Aurora just 4 weeks ago. She describes her lovely and positive home birth experience and the trip to the hospital afterwards. No matter what sort of birth you…

FitNest Mama Podcast episode with Dietitian Lana Hirth: Constipation during pregnancy & postpartum Birth Stories
Bowels, Diet, Pelvic Floor, Pregnancy

Today I’m excited to be joined by accredited practicing dietitian Lana Hirth. She focuses on pregnancy and postpartum to help new mums optimise their nutrition and live life to the fullest. Lana runs an online practice, virtual masterclass and the New Mums’ Nutrition podcast. We chat about constipation during pregnancy, and the after birth period….

FitNest Mama Podcast episode: How do I find the Time and Motivation to Start Exercising After having a Baby? Birth Stories
Birth Story, Exercise, Workouts

In today’s episode, we dive into finding the time and motivation to get back into exercise after having a baby. You’ve obviously got a lot on your plate as a new mum, the sleepless nights alone are enough to make exercising a difficult prospect but exercising is important for our physical recovery but also our…

FitNest Mama Podcast Episode: Abdominal Supports for Pregnancy & Postpartum Birth Stories
Birth Story, Pregnancy

Today we’re going to chat about different forms of abdominal support. I’ll dive into  the three major types of abdominal support garments and the pros and cons for each of them. If you want to invest in abdominal support wear I hope you’ll feel more confident in choosing the best kind for you by the end…


Today I’m excited to be joined by the incredible Rosie Purdue, a fellow pelvic floor physio and a hypnobirthing consultant. We dive into what hypnobirthing is, why it’s called hypnobirthing,  and what the benefits of hypnobirthing are. She also shares her top tips on how to use hypnobirthing principles to improve your childbirth experience no…

Fitnest Mama Podcast episode: When can I start to run after having a baby? Birth Stories
Birth Story, Childbirth, Running

It’s very common for women to want to get back into running or head back to the gym as soon as possible after having a baby. Today I’m diving into the topic of when is the right time to start hitting the pavements after giving birth. This episode will be really useful for anyone who…

Fitnest Mama Podcast episode:How Do I Strengthen my Pelvic Floor Muscles
Pelvic Floor

Today I want to give a super quick tip for a question I’m commonly asked: “How do I strengthen my pelvic floor?” In this episode, I will run through what the pelvic floor is and why we need to be aware of it. Then I’ll take you through some common ways to strengthen it.

Fitnest Mama Podcast episode with Steph: What does a Postpartum Doula do? Birth Stories
After Birth Recovery, Motherhood

They say it takes a village to raise a child and anyone who has had a baby certainly understands the need for help in those early newborn days. But what do you do if you don’t have a village? In our modern world, new mums often feel a sense of isolation as they struggle to…

Exercise, Pelvic Floor, Pregnancy

One of the most common questions I get asked as a women’s physio is what type of exercise women should be doing while pregnant. Today I dive into this topic to discuss some of the things to be aware of when exercising, my go-to recommendations and the types of exercises you should avoid while pregnant. …

FitNest Mama Podcast episode with Danielle: Spilling the Milk Birth Stories
Birth Story, Childbirth, Forceps, Induction

Here we are Spilling the Milk with Danielle’s Birth Story. It has been a while since our last ‘Spilling the Milk’ birth story episode on the FitNest Mama Podcast, which is why I was so excited to finally sit down again with one of the lovely FitNest Mama members Danielle to have a raw and…

Cultivating a strong mindset in motherhood with Kristen Laffrey
Mindfulness, Motherhood

Motherhood can sometimes be hard, and it is extremely common for women to doubt themselves and worry they’re not doing a good job as a mother. We all struggle with the demands of motherhood at times, and mindset, and it can be a battle to not feel deflated, uninspired and stressed out. This episode with…

From Clinic to Online Pregnancy Program - Conversation with Emily Osmond

Today’s podcast is a bit different to normal as this is an episode that was recorded by the lovely Emily Osmond who was interviewing me all about the FitNest Mama membership. Emily is an incredible marketing coach and mentor who has been an amazing support behind the creation of FitNest Mama. In this episode I…

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