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Want to lose weight after birth? Do this instead.

Want to lose weight after birth? Do this instead.

Firstly, congrats.  You’re a mum!

A whole new world has opened up.

Even if you thought you were prepared, I am guessing motherhood has been an amazing ride.

Today. I am broaching the topic of weight loss after birth, which I don’t usually don’t do.

I usually avoid this topic.

For me and my program, FitNest Mama, it isn’t about weight loss.  Our physical recovery program post birth is about that inner strength.  Feeling better inside/out.

Regaining our confidence.

It’s about the huge correlation between physical and mental health.

It’s not about weight loss. 

However, from surveying over 500 members who have been through FitNest Mama, I know it is a common goal post birth.

So in this episode I discuss about different ways of reframing postpartum goals to help make them manageable, and achievable.

In this thought-provoking episode of the Fitness Mama Podcast, we delve into a topic that holds significant importance for new mothers: weight loss after giving birth. However, our host challenges the conventional narrative surrounding this goal, urging women to explore a different path towards postpartum well-being. By emphasizing physical recovery, inner strength, confidence, and overall wellness, the program aims to redefine success for new moms. Let’s unpack the key insights shared in this enlightening discussion.

Redefining the Focus:

Rather than fixating solely on weight loss, the Fitness Mama program prioritizes a comprehensive approach to postpartum recovery. The program centers around physical restoration, cultivating inner strength, regaining confidence, and nurturing overall well-being. It’s about feeling better from the inside out.

Two Distinct Groups

Through interactions with over 500 program participants, our host has observed two primary groups with varying goals. The first group consists of women who prioritize internal goals, such as becoming a strong mother, boosting self-assurance, and developing mental and physical resilience. The second group tends to be more externally driven, placing significant emphasis on losing baby weight.

The Power of Internal Goals

Those with internal goals exhibit higher levels of consistency and achieve long-term success. They actively engage with the program, attend live classes, and remain dedicated to their well-being. In contrast, individuals solely focused on external outcomes often experience a rapid loss of motivation and struggle to sustain their efforts.

Reflecting on Goals

The host encourages listeners to take a moment of introspection and reflect on their postpartum goals. By examining the internal drivers behind these aspirations, women can reframe their objectives to be more meaningful and effective. Shifting the focus from external results to how they want to feel can profoundly impact their overall well-being.

Breaking Down Goals

To facilitate sustainable progress, breaking down overarching goals into smaller, achievable steps is crucial. Our host emphasizes the significance of setting monthly, weekly, and daily objectives. This approach enables women to navigate the unpredictable nature of motherhood while making consistent progress towards their desired outcomes.

Considering External Factors

When establishing goals, it is essential to consider external factors and long-term outcomes. Weight loss, for instance, is influenced by various elements that might be beyond one’s control, such as fatigue or food choices. By adopting a more comprehensive perspective, women can set goals that align with their lifestyle and values.

Embracing Consistency

Consistency is the cornerstone of postpartum success. The host acknowledges that being a new mother comes with its challenges, but she encourages women to find moments that work for them. Even dedicating five minutes to exercise or self-care can contribute to long-term achievements. Small, consistent efforts build a solid foundation for lasting transformation.

While weight loss may be a prevalent goal after giving birth, the Fitness Mama program presents a refreshing perspective. It promotes physical recovery, inner strength, confidence, and overall well-being as primary objectives. By delving into internal drivers, breaking down goals, and embracing consistency, women can experience profound postpartum transformations. If you’re ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and well-being, join the Fitness Mama program today. Take advantage of the free seven-day trial and unlock the path to inner strength and confidence. Your postpartum journey starts here.

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All information is general in nature and doesn’t substitute individualised assessment, treatment and diagnosis.  If you have any questions or concerns please consult your healthcare provider.

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