Podcast Episode #23

Birth Story – Spilling The Milk with Jodie

Birth Story – Spilling The Milk: Jodie

Our lovely guest on the podcast today, in the Birth Story Spilling the Milk series, is Jodie, one of the founding FitNest Mama members who now has a gorgeous 17 week old baby boy by her side. Jodie joins me to share her birth story and her journey toward motherhood, her experience during pregnancy and labour and how she managed the ups and downs throughout it all.

During a 34 week scan, Jodie’s baby was diagnosed with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) meaning that he had a hole in his diaphragm, affecting numerous other organs in his body. Jodie shares about her shock in hearing the diagnosis and how she dealt with the unknowns and the other complications that followed.

Encouraged to continue with a natural birth, Jodie shes the birth story behind her her induction, the birth and her experience pumping milk for her baby who was administered into hospital for further care.

Throughout the complications and difficulties, Jodie maintained an attitude of being adaptable and flexible and her story is one which will inspire any pregnant or new mum to go with the flow, which is something definitely required in those precious, and potentially daunting, newborn days. We trust you will enjoy this Birth Story, Spilling the Milk series with Jodie.

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