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5 Reasons It’s Time to Join an Online Postpartum Core Rehab Program

Postnatal rehab is something that every woman needs and deserves after having a baby.

We have invested so much into growing and birthing our beautiful baby.

And afterwards, it is time to re-invest back into our body to help with our postnatal recovery, our confidence, and to help us get the most out of motherhood.

In this episode today I discuss 5 signs that it might be time to invest in an online postnatal core rehab program.

Whether or not you want to get stronger after giving birth, get back into running, or support your mental health, this episode is for you.

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In this article you'll find tips to:

  • Recognise signs that it’s time to join an online postnatal rehab program.
  • Boost your after-birth recovery and regain strength.
  • Address dissatisfaction with your postnatal body.
  • Fit exercise into a busy motherhood schedule.
  • Find cost-effective alternatives to expensive physio and gym memberships.
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles after childbirth.
  • Build confidence to return to physical activities like running or playing with your children.
  • Enhance your physical health to positively impact your mental well-being.
  • Incorporate exercise into your routine with your baby by your side.
  • Utilise online resources and programs for effective postnatal rehabilitation.

Postpartum recovery is important for every new mother. If you’ve been feeling off track with your recovery, it might be time to consider an online postnatal core rehab program.

Today, I’m discussing five signs that it’s time to join an online postpartum core rehab program. Whether you’re currently pregnant or in the postnatal phase, these insights are designed to help you boost your recovery and feel stronger.

Dissatisfied with Your Postnatal Recovery and Strength

If you’re feeling unhappy with your body after childbirth – whether it’s your recovery progress, strength, body shape, or day-to-day functioning – it might be time to consider an postnatal physio recovery program. Childbirth is one of the most significant events our body will experience, much like major surgery. Investing in a structured rehab program can help you regain your strength and confidence, just as you would with any other form of rehabilitation.

You Need a Pelvic Floor and Core Booster

If you know you are weak in your pelvic floor and core (which, after childbirth, is highly likely!), or perhaps you’ve had a pelvic floor assessment and know you need to build up strength – then an online postpartum core rehab program is ideal. Pelvic floor health is essential, especially after childbirth, and most benefits are noticed with support, correct technique, and accountability. Pelvic floor strength, alongside our body’s strength and fitness, is often a long-term commitment, necessary even years after giving birth. An online program can provide the extra support, exercises, and motivation you need to strengthen your pelvic floor effectively.

Too Busy to Attend In-Person Postnatal Recovery Support

Motherhood brings an increase in responsibilities, making it challenging to find time for exercise. An online postpartum physio recovery program offers the flexibility to work out from the comfort of your home. Whether you have five minutes or thirty, you can fit exercise into your busy schedule without the need to travel to a gym. Speaking from personal experience, as a mother of three young children, I know how difficult it can be to find time to leave the house, let alone exercise. Online core rehab programs made all the difference for me, and they can for you too.

Financially – Struggling to Attend Physio Appointments, Pilates In Person, or Costly Gym Memberships

Regular physio appointments, pilates classes, and gym memberships can be quite expensive. Online postpartum core rehab programs, such as FitNest Mama, provide a cost-effective alternative. These programs include comprehensive workouts and expert support, offering professional guidance without the hefty price tag. Don’t forget to explore local healthcare options through your GP as well; there might be affordable solutions available in your area.

You Want to Get Back into Running, the Gym, Tennis, or Another Sport, But Your Body Isn’t Ready

Many new mothers aspire to return to their pre-pregnancy fitness routines, whether it’s running, hitting the gym, playing tennis, or simply being active with their children. If you don’t yet feel your body is ready for these activities, a postpartum core rehab program can help bridge the gap. These programs are designed to gradually rebuild your strength and confidence, ensuring that you can pursue your fitness goals without the fear of setbacks like leaking or injuries.

Joining an online postpartum recovery exercise program can be a transformative step for your physical and mental well-being. Programs like FitNest Mama offer a 7-day free trial, providing you with access to a range of workouts, pelvic floor support, and professional guidance. By investing in your postpartum recovery, you can achieve your fitness goals and embrace motherhood with confidence.

Take the first step towards a stronger, healthier you. Explore the benefits of an online postpartum recovery exercise program today and enjoy the convenience and support it offers from the comfort of your home.

** This podcast has general information only. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health or medical condition. 


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Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a postpartum core rehab program?

A postpartum core rehab program is a structured set of exercises and support designed to help new mothers regain strength, improve recovery, and address specific postnatal health issues such as pelvic floor weakness. These programs can be done online, providing flexibility and accessibility for busy mums.

How can an online postpartum recovery exercise program help me?

An online program offers flexibility, allowing you to exercise from the comfort of your home at times that suit your schedule. It can help you regain strength, improve your body’s functioning, and boost your overall recovery after childbirth. These programs also provide cost-effective alternatives to in-person physio appointments and gym memberships.

How do I know if I need to join a postpartum core rehab program?

If you are feeling dissatisfied with your body’s recovery, strength, or shape, struggling to find time to exercise, facing financial constraints with physio appointments, needing to strengthen your pelvic floor, or wanting to return to physical activities but don’t feel ready, it may be time to consider joining a program.

What are the benefits of strengthening the pelvic floor after childbirth?

Strengthening your pelvic floor after childbirth can prevent and treat issues such as urinary incontinence, improve your core strength, and enhance your overall physical health. Consistent pelvic floor exercises can be crucial for long-term postnatal health.

Can I fit an online postpartum core rehab program into my busy schedule?

Yes, online programs are designed to be flexible and convenient. You can choose workouts that fit your available time, whether it’s a few minutes or a longer session, and do them from home without the need to travel.

Is an online postpartum recovery exercise program cost-effective?

Absolutely. Online programs like FitNest Mama offer comprehensive workouts and expert support at a fraction of the cost of regular physio appointments, pilates classes, or gym memberships. They provide a valuable alternative for those facing financial constraints.

How can a postpartum core rehab program help with my mental health?

Physical exercise is closely linked to mental well-being. Regular exercise can improve sleep, reduce stress, and boost overall mood. By helping you feel stronger and more confident, a postpartum recovery exercise program can positively impact your mental health.

What kind of support can I expect from an online postpartum core rehab program?

FitNest Mama offers various forms of support, including access to physio experts, tailored workout plans, motivational resources, and community support. This ensures you have the guidance and encouragement needed to succeed in your recovery journey.