Podcast Episode #106

Postnatal Depletion

This podcast episode discusses Postnatal Depletion, and we discuss how to kick postpartum depletion in the curb.

I am joined by the lovely duo Renee White and Dr Micka Bertucci, who are co-founders of Fill your Cup, which is the first Biochemist-led postpartum Doula village, which provides evidence-based care to nurture, nourish and support newborn mothers.

In a previous life, co-founders Dr Renee White and Dr Micka Bertucci were medical researchers specialising in the field of biochemistry, immunology and women’s health. After experiencing polarising postpartum periods themselves, they both quit their jobs in 2020 and decided to lead the charge on a better postpartum for all women.

With more than 16 years in health and medical education, they truly understand how to replenish, restore and support mamas in the thick of it. Fill Your Cup’s evidence-based approach focuses on enrichment and education, leaving a mama feeling empowered as they embark on the most important journey of their life – motherhood.

In this podcast episode today we discuss:

  1. What is postpartum depletion
  2. Why is it so important?
  3. How do I know if I have postpartum depletion?
  4. How long can postpartum depletion last?
  5. How to recover from postpartum depletion?
  6. How to nourish yourself postpartum and avoid postpartum depletion

Listen to the podcast for full details. Below is a summary of what was discussed.

Please do consult your doctor and/or dietitian if you have any questions or concerns about your individual situation.

What is postnatal depletion? And why is it so important to understand?

Recommended book by Dr Oscar Serrallach: https://www.booktopia.com.au/the-postnatal-depletion-cure-dr-oscar-serrallach/book/9780733640322.html

Nutrient requirements increase during pregnancy as a result of growing a human.  

Secondly, we take into consideration birth. Whether or not you’ve had a vaginal or caesarean birth, there are huge demands on the woman’s body in terms of repairing connective tissues and healing from birth.

Thirdly, for mothers who choose breastfeeding, this also requires huge nutritional demands on the postpartum body.

How do I know if I have postpartum depletion?

A good place to start is with the macro and micro nutrient level. Blood tests in the postpartum period can be helpful.  During this stage women are getting used to the hormonal levels, lack of sleep, recovery from birth.  A good place to start is chatting with your trusted medical care general practitioner.

There often isn’t just one thing that makes up postnatal depletion, it is usually a combination of a number of factors – physical depletion, lack of energy, mental exhaustion, fatigue and emotional changes are just some of the changes that might contribute to postnatal depletion.

How long can postnatal depletion last?

Effects of postnatal depletion can continue for years and years, and it is thought that we need to help nurture women and allow women to fully recover in the early postpartum period to reduce the effects of depletion for years afterwards.

So postnatal depletion may last for months to years, depending on what symptoms and issues women have.

How do you recover from postnatal depletion?

This is where pre-planning during pregnancy may really help with this postpartum recovery period.  Prevention is so much easier than treatment.

Tips include:

– Nourishing food to help replenish the body. Rich in protein, collagen, high in iron and nutrients options.  Foods including broth, soups, casseroles, dahls.
– Consult a nutritionist or dietitian if you need support in creating a postpartum meal plan.  New mums nutrition podcast may be a good place to start.

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