Podcast Episode #125

New year goals – adapting for pregnancy and postpartum

It is the new year, and we often have new goals at this time of year.

But how do we adapt them to make them achievable and relevant to our lifestyle during pregnancy and postpartum?

Join me for this quick solo episode where I talk you through 3 things to consider when setting new goals. Whether or not it is the new year, or, perhaps you have entered a new season of life (hello motherhood), or you’re after a few things to achieve over the coming months.

Enjoy this quick episode!

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** This podcast has general information only. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health or medical condition.

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If you are pregnant or you’ve recently had a baby, this podcast is for you. I am your host, Kath Baquie. A physiotherapist working in women’s health and a mum of three. Inside my online program, FitNest Mama, I just love helping support women to care for their bodies during pregnancy, prepare their bodies for birth and support their after-birth recovery. Helping them feel confident and strong inside out during this important stage of their lives. In this podcast, join me each week as we dive into all things, pregnancy care, childbirth, and postnatal recovery, helping you through every step of the journey. It is absolutely possible to feel amazing and confident in our bodies during this motherhood journey. And I want that for you. Come and say hi to me on Instagram, @fitnestmama and let’s dive into today’s episode.


Hi, welcome back to another episode of the FitNest Mama Podcast. So, we are still in January. And I wanted to do this episode because I do know at the start of the year, you do hear a lot about New Year’s resolutions, New Year, new goals, new year new you all these sorts of things that are discussed and I’ve had some time off over the Christmas period, we had about a COVID in the house. And then we had Christmas and school holidays. So there have been a few weeks break. And I’m coming back I’m feeling rejuvenated to start the year I’m feeling excited about 2023. And naturally I’ve thought about goals for 2023 both business but also my personal goals and my fitness goals. And this is why I wanted to chat today because I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I’ve thought about some goals for the new year. But I want to say that I do have a bit of a love hate relationship with goals because they can be fantastic. They can be motivating. But they can also cause disappointment when those goals aren’t achieved. So as a mother, and a physio has helped many women achieve their fitness goals during pregnancy and postpartum.

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In, today’s episode, I wanted to discuss some key things to consider when setting goals. So, this doesn’t just need to be relevant to a new year. So, you might be listening to this episode in June or July. Perhaps you’re at a new stage of life, perhaps you’ve recently had birth of a child, anytime when you think okay, what are some goals for the upcoming month, quarter year, etc. That’s what I’m discussing in today’s episode. And I do just want to say next week, I’ve got an amazing episode I’ve interviewed the lovely Chris Bonner, who is she’s into it. She’s a life coach and has done NLP. And we really do step deeper into this and take it to a hot goal setting to a whole new level.

So, today’s episode I’m going to give you I think it’s three tips, or no three things to consider when you’re setting goals for the new year. And I’m coming at it from a physio perspective and a mum perspective. And I guess these are the foundations, I guess. And then if you’re interested in this stick around for next week because there is a really great episode with Chris, where we take it to the next level, like why aren’t you achieving your goals? What’s holding you back? Do you have any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your new goals? So that’s a bit of a taste of the next week.

So today, all right, the first thing to consider when setting new goals. I really do believe it’s less about the goals. And it’s more about the plan, the strategy. So, for example, in six months’ time, you might think, okay, I want to be able to run, or I want to lose X amount kilograms, or whatever it is your goal. But the big question is, how do we break that down? So, taking running, for example? How do we break that down? So where do you want to be in three months? And what you want to be doing in one month? And considering what you want to do in one month? Therefore, what do you want to be doing? Or where do you want to be in seven days? And from that? What do you need to do? Or what do you want to do today and tomorrow and for the rest of the week to help you get there?

So, I love these sorts of tangible goals these what’s the day-to-day strategy? What are the day-to-day tasks that will help you reach your goals in six months? Does that make sense? So, it’s not just about the goal in six months’ time. We need to really break that down so that you know that you can know what you need to do today and tomorrow.

Okay, the second thing to consider when setting goals is motherhood. It’s and it’s being you know, you’re busy. It’s real. We’re tired. Perhaps you’re really sleep deprived. Perhaps you’ve got multiple kids to look after you still at work and you’re juggling, like, what is your current situation? So therefore, what is achievable? Given your current situation? This is your stage of life. This is your season of life. Your season of motherhood. Do you need to, I guess I don’t like to say this. But do you need to lower the bar? Do you need to make your goals a bit more achievable? Or do you just need to adapt them and modify them. So instead of going to the gym four times a week, perhaps you might only go to the gym on the weekend when your partner’s at home. But you might do 10-minute home-based workouts in your laundry room, or you might do 20 minutes with the kids might have a dance party with the kids. So how do you make your goals achievable? How do you make them fun? And how do you adapt things when they don’t go according to plan? So how can you set up? I guess what I’m trying to say is how do you set yourself up for success.

So, for example, if you plan to go for a run, or go to the gym, and you find you haven’t got time, or you’ve had really bad night’s sleep, do you have a backup plan or an easy task that you can do instead. And I do have to say this was a big driver for me creating FitNest Mama. Because it’s I do believe it’s quality over quantity and consistency wins every time. So, if you can do and one of the most popular workouts inside FitNest Mama are our Mums and Bubs Workout. So, the workouts you can do with your baby or your toddler with you. And you can actually do all the workouts with your toddler, they love it, especially if you attend the live classes, they all sort of wave to each other on the camera anyway. Another example is an I’ve just sort of said that and alluded to that, do you think for the next few months, you are finding it hard to leave the home to dedicate that time to exercise at the house? So do you actually need to involve your children in your plan, because you know, in your heart of hearts that unless you work out with them imperfectly, it just won’t happen.

Okay, the third thing to consider when tackling your new goals for the year is I think this can be really helpful is accountability. Do you have anyone to keep you accountable? And this perhaps is dependent on different personality types, but I know there are a lot of personality or people out there that do like that accountability. So, do you have anyone to help? Is it another friend? So quite often, I’ve got friends inside FitNest Mama who have joined up together and they always come to the live classes together. And then they can say hi to each other. And it’s like they’re keeping themselves accountable. Or do you have a personal trainer or a physio or a partner that you can get on board.

And then the last point here, and I think this perhaps should have been the first one but being kind to yourself. So, when setting your goals for the year ahead or the months ahead, just be kind to yourself. So, consider everything I’ve just set in those first three pointers. And just knowing that this too is a phase, your motherhood is a phase, this season of life that you’re in is a phase and taking it all back to, like how do you make it easy for yourself. So, you’re not beating yourself up over the fact that you never end up exercising, but you’re actually finding it easier, you’re finding it easier to achieve, easier to stay accountable and more fun. And I do know a big transition for me as a mum was when I did adapt my views and thoughts on what I considered a workout. So, I niched before children, I used to consider a workout when I went to the gym for an hour and then came, had a shower and went to the supermarket on the way home and three hours later, I was finally home. Or I would catch up with a friend for a walk and then have a coffee afterwards. And two hours later, I’d get home. And I used to, I had to adapt that. And that was a big transition point when I realized I had to do wiggles work out. So, during the wiggles, every time there was singing and dancing, I would dance with my children. And then every time they were talking, I’d do some dips and squats. And now as they’re getting older, it does get easier. I know when I first started FitNest Mama two years ago, quite often my kids would run into the room when I was holding a live workout and would interrupt me and now they don’t so it’s a season of life. So be kind to yourself wherever you’re at. If you need any help and support. I’m here I’d love to help support you. So come and join us inside FitNest Mama. Where we can help to keep you accountable. We can check in with you can check into the group you can there’s a whole lot of ways that can help you become more accountable when joining FitNest Mama so come and join our free 7 Day Trial, physio created workouts they quality workouts that you can trust and they’re tailored to your stage of pregnancy and postpartum. So, head to fitnestmama.com for your free 7-day trial and I hope those three or four pointers, I hope there was something there that resonated with you and if you are reviewing your goals for the year, if you want to come and share what your goals are for the year, I’d love to hear what they are. So, send me an Instagram message at @fitnestmama, I’d love to hear from you.

That’s it, ladies short and sweet. Stay tuned for next week’s episode where we’re going to dive into this in a whole new level. And it’s a great episode. So that’s it. Ladies. Have a great day and we’ll see you soon. We’ll see you next week for another episode of the FitNest Mama Podcast.

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