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How to Start Running Postpartum

How to start running postpartum

How to start running postpartum?

There is so much that we can do to help our bodies recover post, to help us successfully and safely return to exercise and running post birth.

Whether or not you want to return to running, gym, crossfit, or even run around with your children at the park, this information below is super important for every woman after we’ve had a baby.

In this article I discuss:

– What you can do in pregnancy (and why not wait until after birth) to help with your pregnancy journey and after birth recovery.
– honouring those first 6-12 weeks postpartum.
– how to maximise your return to running plan to help keep injuries away.

Your post birth running journey starts with pregnancy.

There is so much that we can do during pregnancy to help not only with our pregnancy wellness, and birth outcomes, but starting with the building blocks of pregnancy fitness will really help with after birth recovery.

What works for you at your stage of pregnancy? Are you feeling nauseous? Are you working full time?  

What can we easily build into our lifestyle to help boost your pregnancy wellness just one step.  Perhaps its a short walk around the block. Perhaps it’s a quick 5 minute online class during lunch or after work.  What is easy for you in your stage of pregnancy?

This first step is really important in helping you to return to exercise and running postpartum safely and successfully.

Honour those first 6-12 weeks post birth to help you to return to running successfully.

Those first 6-12 weeks post birth are super important in helping us to recover post birth, and thus successfully return to running post birth.

Horizontal rest, short bursts of walking, functional exercises, pelvic floor exercises are some easy things we can get started with to help us to safely return to exercise postpartum.

For more information about those first 6-12 weeks post birth, check out this podcast episode here.

Enhance your return to running plan with complimentary exercises

Once you think you are ready to return to running post birth, be sure to add some complimentary exercises to help support your body.

Including core, strength, balance, pelvic floor and stretches whilst you’re slowly building up your running, is important to support your body’s recovery journey, and to help protect against injuries, aches and pains.

To gain access to a return to running program PLUS easy to do exercises to support your body’s postpartum journey, join us for our postnatal return to running workshop inside FitNest.

** This podcast has general information only. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health or medical condition.

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