5 DAYS, 5 WAYS To Prepare For Birth, 

helping you feel more confident & empowered about the birthing process.

Monday 1st-5th March, 2021


Join Physio Kath Baquie from FitNest Mama

for this free challenge to help you confidently prepare for labour, and feel empowered about childbirth.


In these 5 days, you will learn about:


1: Perineal Massage

What is perineal massage, and how might it help reduce the chance of perineal tears & episiotomy?

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2: Active Birth Techniques

How can active birth techniques be useful for labour and what are some active birth techniques? 

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3: Relaxation Strategies

Let's get practical and trial various forms of relaxation strategies that may be useful during different stages of labour.

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4: Pelvic Floor Essentials 

To help you stay dry, reduce your chance of prolapse, and improve pelvic floor recovery after childbirth

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5: After Birth Recovery Essentials 

What women often wish they had known about sooner, to help their body restore & recover after birth.

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5 DAYS, 5 WAYS to Prepare for Birth

is created by a women's health physio to help give you the tools to have an informed and confident childbirth, and recover sooner after childbirth.

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"Thanks so much Kath & FitNest, you’ve honestly helped me feel so much more prepared and confident about my first pregnancy and birth!"

You learn about all of  this PLUS

  1. Daily Live Facebook Support from Kath, a mama x 3, Physio for women, & Founder of FitNest Mama
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  3. A community of other mamas-to-be


FitNest Mama Kath Baquie

Meet Kath Baquie, FitNest Mama founder

From the ups and downs of pregnancy, the challenges of birth, and the haze of the newborn bubble. I don’t just understand the phrase “adjusting to a new normal.”  I’ve lived the experience!

And I’m here to support you through yours.

Hi, I’m Kath. I’m a mum, perinatal physiotherapist, and founder of FitNest Mama. 

Many new or expectant mamas tell me they wanted to properly prepare for and recover from birth - they just didn’t know where to start. 

Let me help you feel more confident about active birthing techniques, perineal massage, TENS, pelvic floor & after birth recovery essentials, because I know and understand how knowledge and support can be so crucial in helping to reduce the overwhelm that we are sometimes faced with when it comes to childbirth.

I can wait to welcome you into your new community of other like-minded mamas.