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Would you know what to do if your little one was choking?

Oct 09, 2020

Nikki from Tiny Hearts Education 


There is so much knowledge available to us regarding pregnancy and babies that it can be overwhelming to sift through all the information.  Although many things can be learned along the way, there are benefits to having some basic awareness and knowledge to help reduce anxiety and overwhelm in those early years.

Today I’m joined by Nikki Jurcutz, mama of two, former paramedic and co-founder of Tiny Hearts Education, a training organisation providing essential birth and first aid education to parents across Australia.  Alongside her sister, Rach, Nikki’s work with Tiny Hearts helps empower mums and dads to face parenting without fear.

In this episode, Nikki and I discuss the benefits of baby first aid, safe sleeping and guidelines for the prevention of SIDS.  Nikki also highlights the main things to be aware of when starting solids and what to look out for with regards to allergies and rashes.


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Induction & childbirth: 10 top tips from Beth Ryan

Oct 08, 2020

Induction & Childbirth with Beth Ryan 


For pregnant women, the idea of induction is one that might sound a little daunting and scary.  My guest today is here to shed some light on induction and how it can still be a natural and beautiful experience, with a little extra help to get things moving along.  

My lovely guest today is Beth Ryan from Birth with Beth.  She is a registered midwife who provides a digital childbirth education service offering online classes to expectant mothers, all with the aim of helping women make informed choices regarding pregnancy, labour and the postpartum experience.

In this episode, Beth shares 5 evidence based strategies that you can try at home to help induce labour naturally, including a delicious sweet treat and some fun in the bedroom.  She also shares 5 great ways to help you set up your birth space in the hospital during medical induction so that you can maintain a positive and calm...

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Why I started the FitNest Mama Podcast

Oct 06, 2020

Welcome to the first episode of the FitNest Mama Podcast!


Welcome to the first episode of the FitNest Mama podcast.  If you are pregnant or have recently had a baby, this podcast is for you.  We’ll be talking all things pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal recovery to equip you with the tools you need to stay healthy and active during and after pregnancy.

In this episode, I share a bit about my background and the challenging experience during my second pregnancy that led to the birth of FitNest Mama.  I’ve always loved working in women’s health and this podcast is going to leave no subject untouched.  From boobs to bum and everything in between, I’ll be speaking to industry professionals on a variety of topics in bite size baby friendly episodes.  

Stay tuned for more episodes coming soon.  FitNest Mama is dedicated to helping you have a healthy and active pregnancy, confident childbirth and strong recovery so...

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[Trailor] Welcome to the FitNest Mama Podcast!

Oct 04, 2020

The FitNest Mama Podcast Is
Coming Soon!


The FitNest Mama Podcast is coming soon!  If you’re looking for support and inspiration to keep healthy and active during pregnancy and beyond, this podcast is for you.  FitNest Mama is dedicated to helping you have a healthy pregnancy, confident childbirth and strong recovery. 


As a mum of 3 young girls and physiotherapist working in women’s health, I created FitNest Mama to empower women as they tackle the amazing journey of motherhood.  In this podcast, you’ll hear from industry professionals, midwives and doctors on everything from breastfeeding to pelvic floor recovery as well as birth stories from mamas just like you.  Subscribe now to confidently discover your old new self with a bubba by your side.


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