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Sex for Conception for Lovers with Dr Raelia Lew

Apr 07, 2021

Dr Raelia Lew from Knocked-Up Podcast


Today’s episode is a fun one!

I have two guests with me Dr Raelia Lew and Jordi Morrison. They are the hosts of the Knocked-Up podcast. Dr Raelia Lew is a fertility specialist and reproductive endocrinologist. Her passion is giving women as many options as possible for having children in their life. She works at Women’s Health Melbourne and Melbourne Fertility.

Dr Raelia and Jordi have released a line of lubricants called Lovers. They offer seven unique lubricants designed for increased pleasure, dryness, breast-feeding mums, menopausal women, for use with sex toys, or for their moisturizing properties. There’s something for everyone.

We dive into their top tips on sex for conception discussing timing, common troubles, lubricants, and lots more.

These ladies are incredibly passionate and know what they’re talking about so I hope you can all take something away from this episode.


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