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Hypnobirthing for a Caesarean Birth with Vanessa Bernard

Apr 14, 2021

Vanessa from Illoura Birth


We all know that sometimes childbirth doesn’t go according to birth. Whether or not you have a caesarean birth, planned or emergency, it is really empowering for all pregnant women to understand techniques to create a positive experience in any situation you might find yourself it. Today I am joined by Vanessa Bernard, mother of two, business owner, pediatric nurse, and certified hypnobirthing practitioner.

We dive into the key ways hypnobirthing techniques can be helpful if you are having a caesarean birth. She shares my belief that knowledge is power, and we discuss the different ways a pregnant mama can educate herself and the people around her about the possibility of a caesarean birth. Most of all she wants all mums to understand that if you have a change in circumstances, you can still have a really beautiful, positive caesarean birth experience. Her tips are practical, helpful, and easy to implement so make sure you have a notepad with you as you listen!


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