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Changing the way you think about birth, with Hypnodoula Melissa

May 05, 2021

Hypnodoula Melissa from Hypno Birthing 


When you’re pregnant there are a whole lot of emotions (thanks hormones) and you have a lot of questions floating around your head. Is your baby growing at a good rate, are they in the right position, is their head the right size...the list of questions and concerns can be quite endless.

As the due date creeps up, it’s common for women to start to feel some fear around how the birth is going to happen. No one can really predict how a birth is going to play out, and the fear of the unknown can be quite hard to come to terms with for some.

But fear in childbirth is definitely not your friend, and this episode is here to explain why.

Today on the podcast I’m speaking with the amazing hypno doula Melissa Kate about why we need to ditch the fear around childbirth and more importantly some strategies for how to do this.


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